Mushroom essences are wonderful and gentle agents of change, especially for healers, empaths, artists and sensitive types. If you are a follower of Human Design and an emo-projector, you may like these mushroom essences as much as I have. I have been using them since 2016, when my whole life turned upside down and inside out in an instant and I had to rebuild myself from the inside-out. At that time, I made a promise to myself and I’ve never looked back.

These essences are vibrational healing agents. They are the creation of Robert Rogers from Alberta, Canada. There are currently 48 different essences that can be used to assist with emotional and psychological themes. They are not psilocybin or ‘magic’ mushrooms. They work deep within the unconscious and subconscious helping to re-member (unpack and reconnect) aspects of the self that may have been lost, dismissed, rejected or displaced.

Many practitioners call this work, ‘shadow work,’ making the unconscious conscious in order to become more aligned with the self and to free up more of our bountiful creative energy.

It may sounds very silly or maybe a little intimidating but when you use an essence for a 28-day moon cycle, it can effect really good change in the unconscious and allow you to be more present during life’s difficult transitions, reconnecting aspects of yourself without having to re-experience past trauma and wounds.

Many people figure ‘they are who they are’ with their mood swings, frustrations, fears, irritations, anger, anxiety, depression, sadness, apprehensions, etc… without really understanding their emotions beyond conventional labeling or normalized blaming.

But you really haven’t explored your inner self or come to know who you are until you go through a few of these cycles. You may very well identify with your upbringing, parental influences, life stresses and expectations, social or generational projections, a self-story that you keep repeating to yourself or others, and even waiting for something to happen rather than being the change you want to see in your life. Mushroom essences can help to open doors to healthier and more joyful narratives than the ones you’ve been practicing. Would it be nice to talk about a past wound without the pain or emotional suffering attached to it, or without feeling like you’re rehashing the past?

We are healing at accelerated rates. What used to take me months decades ago, I am processing and integrating on a daily basis. Rapido! Surfing the waves of fear as energy rather than stuck emotion. What you can feel, you can heal. We may not like some of those emotions, right now. But if we treat them with respect as kindred friends and feel them fully, they can open wonderful undiscovered doors to our being.

Mushroom essences are your way of being and feeling empowered. You get to choose the theme you want to work on and I offer my listening/facilitating skills, if you need them. I encourage journaling during the 28-day cycles.

Mushroom essences are easy to use. You can purchase a 15ml bottle of an essence for $21.95 plus shipping, if required. You can use 1-3 essences per cycle. You start on a new or full moon and  take 4 drops under your tongue at bedtime. They are gentle and graceful, with wonderful Ah-ha moments that follow. I have grown quite fond of these trusted friends, and I invite you to connect with them and with their unique and wonderful qualities.

Now having said that, they are not magic potions or panaceas. They are vibrational healing agents used to balance your vibrational frequency. I work with energy. I see energy and feel energy. So for me, it’s all energy. But I wasn’t always like this. The more balance and heart coherence I attained and sustained effortlessly, the better the ease of flow and access to my unlimited power I gained, especially in understanding myself, and being in community with others and the planet.

If you’re interested, send me an email at I do 15minute informal info sessions on Saturday mornings, if you’d like to hear more about the essences before you decide to dive in. I’ll send you a list of all 48 essences with their related themes so you can choose for yourself. Be well. ~Patricia