Every child should be told often by their parents that they are a child of the Cosmos, first and foremost, before all other identities or characters of mind are formed.

I was reminded of this early this morning. I woke up feeling trapped. I had had a dream whereby a lover had been imprisoned and yet not guilty of the crime. It was symbolic of deeper feelings of guilt, perhaps, on having taken the stand on informed consent and keeping my medical information private from my employer.

I’m usually up early in the morning, well before dawn. After gargling with salt water and drinking a large glass of warm water, I sat on the sofa and started to sip on my coffee.

I live alone, which I love and find my morning coffee ritual to include deep meditation and contemplation on what my heart most deeply desires, what is happening in the collective consciousness and what actions I’ll be taking that day. On this morn, I felt a little trapped psychologically, the feeling one has when they want to travel or escape to a destination but aren’t unable. With the numerous restrictions, working from home, lockdowns and wanting to wait for further information and medical evidence to provide an informed consent, my life has become restricted in minor ways while far more creative, stable and blissful, although singular in activities. It’s all just change… wonderful, beautiful change.

But this morning, I turned on Youtube and started watching a video attached to a great meditative music piece. Now, normally, I would close my eyes for my morning meditation. But on this occasion, I was quite drawn to the starry night images and remembered many a starry nights at the cottage growing up. We’d light a bonfire and turn out the lights of the cottage. It was pitch black except for the reflection of the moon on the lake and the trillions of stars in the night sky. My inner Child remembered the feeling of awe and wonder from gazing at all those stars. Who was out there? Did they know we were here? What would they look like? How far does it go? And is it as beautiful there as it is from here? I was deeply connected with my inner Child’s wonder and awe, feeling I was here but ‘out there’ all at the same time.

The feeling of Cosmos and being a Child of the Cosmos came to the surface. I know it was just Youtube, but I gazed at the starry nights in the video, the Northern Lights, the vastness of space and the beautiful landscape that was sweeping me away. I felt right there among the stars and the wonder of vastness of space…. Feeling very much, ‘Home’ and realize that feeling was always close. My smallness dissolved and I was once again expanded. Throughout my day, I conjured the feeling and the memory of my inner Child of the Cosmos and the feeling of ‘home’.

Thank you to Tranquil Music Channel on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nncdqNj_ds4. Image by: Pixelstalk.net