I partake in a few chosen groups of like-minded people. People who have wonderful clarity, vigilance and discernment when it comes to the information being disseminated to the masses – whether podcasts or legacy media.

I have to confess, however, that I do not partake in legacy media, either on TV, radio, print or online. It’s just a bunch of rubbish opinion pieces and fake news that only the common ignorant person believes. The only opinion that matters for me is my own. We have been groomed and conditioned by the opinion of others for far too long. We have taken opinion as authority and as truth, when it is simply an opinion… a perspective. And how many perspectives are there on the planet? Yup! Billions. Opinion is simply information. Information from another source. You can either take it or leave it. You get to decide what is truth and how it pertains to you, if at all.

There are many, many, many men and women who see through the veils of deception and corruption of legacy media. These men and woman typically follow podcasts where long-forum discussions and conversations on hot topics are explored and information shared within an open-minded concept giving the viewer or listener the opportunity to absorb the information and to draw personal truth.

No one is telling the one and whole and absolute truth. I am coming to believe that it does not exist. I have my truth and you have yours. But what ‘The Truth’ is, we may never know. Truths for me are based on facts and first-hand accounts. Facts based on science is a good start. But it too is not absolute. We each have our own truth; our own perspective and our own lens.

For the past 30 years, my life has been an inner evolution of shifting and changing. At times, I was able to see different perspectives simultaneously, and seeing them all as ‘right’ from their respected perspectives. This made decision-making an arduous process. This was part of the early and mid-years of my awareness learning and discernment. Now, I am better aligned with the wisdom of my heart, and enjoy and celebrate its coherence.

Now, back to sovereignty! Or is it freedom? Here in Canada the word ‘freedom’ is becoming taboo. While in the US, sovereign typically means rebel or patriot.

Sovereignty for me most positively does not mean, ‘anti’-anything. Sovereignty has everything to do with self-responsibility and less to do with doing whatever I want, when I want…. that’s called childhood. That for me is recklessness and carelessness.

Self-responsibility means taking control of your life, your actions, your words, your thinking, your values, your beliefs. It has less to do with WHAT you want and more to do with HOW you want it. The more self-responsibility, the more freedom one has because in the self-responsibility comes the ability to create your life from the inside-out with less and less dependency on the system or societal constructs. The more self-responsibility you take-in the less the reliance on outer authority. You become your own author- ity. Self-responsibility is every which way; spiritual, emotional, mental, physical (shelter, financial, health, etc…) continuous learning and growing, even psychic and potentially dimensional depending on your perspective on consciousness. We are entering a world of commerce, more prevalent than before. We are being defined as persons, individuals, partners, citizens, human, appellants, etc… these are corporate terms. Corporations are not living things. Governments have become corporations. Are you ready? Man (and women) was created by God – the Creator-Source of Life. How that all gets sorted and defined is truly unique to the man or woman wanting to be sovereign or free.

Personally, I find the generally accepted notion of freedom overrated. One must be intentional and present in order to be free. I find tremendous freedom in the self-responsibility, the reclaiming of my power, the embodiment and expression of my truths…. to be heard, to be appreciated and to be seen in positive and beneficial ways.

How do you define freedom and sovereignty? Let me know…

Love and blessings,

: Patricia :

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