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Man of My Dreams…here you come!

Now that my son has grown and has stepped out from under my skirt-tails, it's time for me to design the love life I want. Well, to be more honest, I've dated over the past 7 years. Yet relationship after relationship, although enjoyable, honest and caring, were disappointing. When I realized that I needed to [...]

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On The Edge…. Again!!!

After a two-day emotional meltdown last week and taking the weekend to nurture the effects, I called up my neighbour yesterday for some womanly energy and understanding... My neighbour is a perky, active, adventurous and independent 64 year old woman, 15 years my senior, with whom I have shared many glasses of wine over conversations [...]

By |July 9th, 2012|The Edge|1 Comment

Oooooeeeeee, Highway 17!

Blues has no sadness when it comes to Al Wood and The Woodsmen. Their recent matinee performance on closing day of this summer's WestFest was the type of performance crowd's have come to expect from the Woodsmen... high energy with generous sets that are packed with incredible originals that it makes one wonder why they're [...]

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Venus Arrived Right On Cue!

Tonight was the night whereby Venus transited the Sun. And although it's considered by many to be a phenomenon, I don't ever think in those terms... I believe there's always a bigger picture being unveiled to us, if we simply are of the mind and heart to pay attention. Venus' transit of the Sun is [...]

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CATL –Breaking barriers in Blues!

Ottawa, ON. ~Unrivaled, raw and pure CATL is considered the next evolution in Blues, both in performance and music. The Toronto-based trio, with a sound that swayed even the diehard Blues followers, received a standing ovation as part of the JUNOfest line-up at Ottawa’s Elmdale Tavern. Shaking the ground in the Westboro area of the [...]

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Is it JUNOfest or Route 66?

Ottawa, ON. - Perhaps I should write about Route 66 and how the mystery of the energy vortices on that stretch of highway created a synergy that produced the serendipitous moment of celebration that occurred in Ottawa, Canada for the 41st JUNO Awards Weekend celebrations. However, the last time the JUNO Awards were presented in [...]

By |April 3rd, 2012|Music Scene|2 Comments

Chaka Khan Performs The Dinah 2012!

Chaka Khan is appearing at Club Skirts presentation of The Dinah Weekend, March 28th to April 1st, 2012, in Palm Springs, California. Considered the biggest lesbian event in the world, this oasis in the desert has been uniting thousands of women from around the globe in the common bond of life affirming celebration, one weekend [...]

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Her Unfolding Journey

I often remind myself of the words of feminist philosopher and Havard professor, Laurel Ulrich, 'well behaved women seldom make history.' Ulrich came to the forefront of my unfoldment a few years back during a time when I felt victimized, unheard, and in the process of unraveling those wonderful socio-cultural compartments that had molded me [...]

By |March 8th, 2012|The Edge|2 Comments

I Forgive You!

People who really know me... know that I rarely express a personal opinion. They are aware that my intent in communicating, facilitating workshops, public speaking, etc... is to inspire intelligent conversation, to stimulate self-reflection, and to open the lid on outmoded and limited beliefs and perspectives pervasive in our personal lives and culture. To stir [...]

By |March 2nd, 2012|The Edge|1 Comment

The Edge

What is it to be self-realized? Can we ever truly attain it? And is the so-called journey truly realistic within a turbulent and volatile society scathed with changing values and uncertainty? At 49 years of age, I've pondered these questions over the last 20 years of my adult life. Various jobs, multiple careers and creative [...]

By |February 26th, 2012|The Edge|1 Comment