As quickly as it came is as quickly as it goes. But it’s far from over after quarantines. What lingers will be the fear it generated and the truths of ourselves and a society that have long been hidden. What is very present, however, are the opportunities for love, compassion, forgiveness and unification for a greater and higher good for all. Do not buy into the going-ons in the outer world. Your focus should be on your inner world. You are creating for 7 generations to come. Choose wisely in your desires, words and actions. Forgive often, especially yourself and be better than you were previously during this quickening. This is not about hanging onto the past. It’s about creating the future we have long desired. Some may try to point the finger at others but the finger will point back at them. We cannot escape this one. We cannot quarantine from this one, myself included. I was a recluse for about 2.5 years in 2016. Little did I know I was preparing for these times. It’s about having everything slowed down so you can really look at it; love it and all of it, even the most ugly parts… Your blame, your righteousness, your persecution of others, your anger, your abusiveness, your denial, your lack of defined boundaries, your wilful ignorance… all of it! It’s about giving to yourself the compassion and the forgiveness you have always sought from others. It’s about forgiving others for not giving you what you wanted or desired or needed. It’s about releasing the non-essential, and the beliefs and perceptions that will no longer serve 7 generations to come.

You are, we are, at this moment creating our future. Do you create from a place of love or from that place of familiar, conditioned fear and survival? Are you ‘frozen’ in time, in your life at home in isolation? Frozen is another fear-based survival mechanism apart from fight or flight.
One can create from a place of love and also be wisely discerning through the awareness of risks. The choice is always ours. The choice to love is always ours.

I chose self-love a long time ago; therefore, I draw to myself my true allies who nurture and fortify who I am becoming from that place of love, regardless of how you judge my words or actions. I chose abundance and thriving, unity, wisdom and cohesiveness, forgiveness often and compassion, along with much more. I also chose healthy boundaries and recognized the gift when others let you go. When others let you go, it is a great act of love, of acknowledgement that you have moved beyond what brought you together. We are after all, here to evolve. This is my soul’s path, anyways.

What about you? What do you choose? Love or fear? Are you simply waiting for all this to blow over so you can get back to your life? Have you noticed how easily you get pulled into the going-ons of the outer world? This is a good thing, by the way. It’ll help you to reel in your energy and bring it back home where it belongs.

Life as we knew it will be long gone when we surface from this fog… and thank Goddess for that! – Patricia