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Fear doesn’t make heroes!

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: There is no reason that you know of as to why someone doesn't wear a mask or why they are inclined to take their mask off while on public transportation. And obviously, the 200,000 masks previously issued by the City of Ottawa/OCTranspo weren't enough. There is no reason our tax dollars [...]

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Our Humanity Is Our Greatest Gift!

I've noticed since the beginning of the lock down back in March 2020 that I have more cuticle skin and my skin is tougher on my hands. Not rough just thicker around my nail bed. It's doing what it was made to do. It's protecting my body. When the scare started I was using rubbing [...]

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Well my dear friend…

The "inbetween" you talk about is understandable. There is also a lot of grief surfacing, which is not being recognized as grief. These next few months will be intense. These are not times for haste. Each moment is sacred and requires our presence as we build for seven generations to come. The building blocks are [...]

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