There are energy convergences occurring, which are not simply timelines.

Higher frequencies are flowing into our reality from the higher realms. What does that mean? Well, for me it is exciting. I have a stable foundation that is receptive to the energies currently in motion.

We have had many energies or frequencies stirred up in recent months. Although uncomfortable and disorientating at times, they are allow for higher frequencies of joy, bliss, synchronicity, thriving, creativity to provide us with currency of momentum.

Reality is simply a construct based on perception. What we receive we create. What we seek we create. In a quantum field of consciousness, human DNA is powerful. It activates the realm of the cosmos that allows us to create and shift reality. Shifting reality is shifting consciousness.

Our activation, the activation of our DNA is the activation of the planetary grid. As the veil of separation lifts what we are longing, yearning and desire, is what propels us forward and upward fearlessly and determined through our fears and tossed outer taboos to embraced who we are.

Reaching for higher and better desires allows more of the 12D frequencies to flow to us so as to build our 12D Merkaba. Consciousness evolves. The Gnostics called her The Sophia.

What she no longer needs she releases. All we need to do is to connect with her intelligence. The connection activates the knowledge and wisdom in our DNA long since stored.

You may experience sudden dreams of previous lifetimes, dimensions, elementals and even off-world lifetimes. We are becoming multi-dimensional beings in a multi-verse. And even as I write these words, this perception will soon mutate into something more.

We are whole. We are already free. We are healthy and joyful and sovereign. We do not need permission. Nor do we need to wait to be asked or told.

Allow the Lifeforce of the Creator-Source of Life, the Prime Creator essence flow to you, for you and for all men and women, and all living beings.

Some of us are being called to our elemental powers from other galaxies, dimensions and planets. We are here to rid ourselves of the distortions and to awaken and create through our DNA wisdom and intelligence that which is our birthright.

Patricia xo