Medical tyranny can feel overwhelming. But once you make a decision and take a stand, the universe conspires in support of you.

I have found solid people along my path who have also known in their gut that something is wrong, was wrong from the beginning. For me, something was off back in the summer of 2019, and I followed my intuition, my guts, which laid out a completely different path than the one most were following.

Most people believed that what they were seeing was the truth. “Seeing is believing”, right? For these wonderful souls, it’ll take months, if not years before they can and are willing to see the truth about our institutions, no matter how morally just they appear.

Because of the inner work I continue to do, I found great ease of inner strength to stay my course regardless of the opinion of others, despite receiving a lot of personal and public flack. Compassionately, I could see the inner workings of people’s suppressed aspects in their shadow being flushed out. I still do. The depth of compassionate work I have done in accepting and loving myself has allowed for my communion with my inner truth and ease of courage to speak and express that inner truth, regardless of the lack in others and their opinion. I had not yet developed that when I worked in radio… which is another story for another time.

Willful denial is a self-imposed “zombie” complex. It is a conditioning and not a whole or true state of being. It’s certainly easier to be a zombie than to do the inner work. To even entertain the thought that a smooth and ‘appealing’ government leader who appears to be morally justified by doing what appears to be right in the public eye just before a possible election, and believing in public institutions that appear to have your best interest at heart, is willful denial and ignorance. YOU are the only one who has your best interests at heart. YOU!!!! “I don’t want to believe that, so it’s not true.” “I have friends in public health. My government and public institutions wouldn’t do anything to harm me. I have a higher moral standing. I do yoga. I am good and benevolent; therefore, my government and those around me are benevolent too.” – Sound familiar? It’s great ego logic to keep you in a box.

Now if, in the past, you have had contempt or disgust for an other’s ignorance (looked down or frowned upon those who you believe to be lesser than you – and we have all done it), you will have suppressed the part of you that is ignorant. It doesn’t go away. It lies in your shadow. Just because you don’t want to believe it, or because you can’t see it in yourself, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. It never leaves you. It continues to operate in your subconscious, which is why shadow work is so imperative at this time – to integrate these rejected, oppressed and dismissed parts of ourselves so we can reclaim all our power rather than fighting for it or against something we believe holds it. Your disgust for the unfamiliar, is a disgust for the unknown within you… and it is coming to the surface rapidly, even if you have yet to recognize it, identify with it, or see it.

As more and more of the agenda behind the propaganda, lies and coercion are exposed, public trust in our institutions will crumble. If your worldview (like most of us) has been built from the reality we have been perceiving, as it crumbles, we will feel lost and out of place, and potentially vulnerable to manipulation and influences not in our best interests… A ‘new order’, a new way of existing that feeds our fears so seductively, with promises after promises of saving you and rescuing you from yourself and your free will, disguised as tyrannical forces outside of you.

I don’t know about you, yet, but I don’t need to be saved or rescued. I am in communion with my inner Saviouress, my inner Shero, my divine will, the power that creates worlds.

Look no further than the Nuremberg Trials 2.0 which began on July 4th. Constitutional lawyers from around the world are presenting arguments of crimes against humanity, holding 21 governments and institutions accountable.

Look at how we were lead to believe that masks would protect us. Look at how lockdown measures were to protect us. Look at how vaccinations were to protect us. Look also at what has been absent from the narrative. None of these so-called measures work, alone or in combination has worked. Nothing has been eradicated. We live in a world of viruses and germs and bacteria. We are made up of millions of germs, viruses and bacteria. It’s willful denial if you cannot see or sense that something is wrong, something is off, even if you don’t know exactly what it is.

Our present Canadian government attempted to silence our expression and our freedom to see what we want to see in social media, by introducing Bill C-10, which is now off the table because other parties derailed it. What does this have to do with your or my best interest or a coronavirus? Look at how governments are attempting to take away your parental rights by passing legislation that makes the Pfizer experimental treatment a legitimate use on children as young as 12 years of age. They are doing this now because as the evidence against its efficacy and the dangers associated with these experiments are coming to light, they will not be able to convince you much longer. There is a lot of money being made and has been made in enchanting you to get the ‘jab’. Any alternate treatments have been absent from this narrative, which has many ethical frontline physicians deeply concerned and disturbed. How is taking away your parental rights, your children’s rights, have anything to do with a coronavirus? If the rate of survival in people who got the coronavirus (myself included), is 98%, why create legislation to introduce an experimental treatment that recent papers from Denmark indicate is very destructive to the human immune system? Because its in your best interest?

Governments have not had a handle on this coronavirus or my health from the beginning. Why discriminate against those who are naturally-immuned and healthy? Why restrict naturally-immuned and healthy individuals from mobility? People who are asymptomatic are not contagious. When did being healthy become a crime, a reason for public shaming and disgust? We need to be vigilant, prudent and discerning as a new world or “new order” is being presented to us. It is no longer a matter of conspiracy theories. It is becoming clear that it is becoming a choice. We need to look at the quid pro quo – what are we being asked to give up for what the other wants in this seduction game of empty promises.

You have the capacity to create a world that reflects YOUR soul rather than an other’s version of the world, which may not even include your soul. You are a powerful creator and creatrix. This is the secret “they” do not want you to awaken and realize. They are afraid of you, not the other way around. 😎

If you’re truly interested in doing some rewarding inner work, send me a message at Let’s Talk. I am a mushroom essence practitioner and I have found great rewards in using mushroom essences for myself. They are a gentle facilitator of integration of the shadow. You do not relieve traumas and wounds of the past, which caused the separation. Instead the energetics gently bubble to the surface so that the underlying treasures can find their way to your conscious mind. As an empath and artist, my nervous system is very sensitive to others. I found the mushroom essences to work very well in integrating my shadow aspects. I now incorporate mushroom essences as an additional support option in my facilitation sessions. More information and details to come soon. Stay tuned!