Patricia Lever

52 mins ·

Are you someone who looks for great recipes? I do. I live beneath my means but I like to live very well beneath those means. Finding meals that satiate my sophisticated palette and my pocket book are easier than first believed.

I cook either in the slow cooker or on the stove, and I make up a pot of something that will last me for a few meals during the week. On this Sunday, it’s a stove top day with soup made from the broth of a cow’s tongue. Now, before you go, ‘YUCK!’, I’d like to share with you that I did the same until my local, organic and totally awesome, conscious farmer-friend Amber from, put me onto to it. I must say, that if cooked properly, it is the most buttery tender meat I have ever had.

So, in the soup are morsels of cow tongue, cauliflower, onions and garlic, of course, a teaspoon or two of cumin (I like cumin) ground mushrooms, such as morels and chanterelles with enough salt and pepper to taste. Also, loads of parsley, a couple chopped carrots, a few cubes of butternut squash and celery root. Now, celery root is my new go-to veggie. I peel it, cube it and then boil it until tender. I then puree the celery root with macadamia oil and place a couple of heaping spoonfuls in the soup, which acts as a nice flavoursome thickener. I also use the water from the celery root to add to the soup. It is scrumptious! Enjoy your second Saturday! <3 (Now you can say, YUCK!) This recipe and most recipes I throw together follow the Keto and Paleo meal plans.

Soupe de langue – for ONE!