I often remind myself of the words of feminist philosopher and Havard professor, Laurel Ulrich, ‘well behaved women seldom make history.’

Ulrich came to the forefront of my unfoldment a few years back during a time when I felt victimized, unheard, and in the process of unraveling those wonderful socio-cultural compartments that had molded me to be what our culture and men wanted.

It’s an on-going process… a labour intensive journey of actualization that demands perseverance, unconditional love and unequivocal boldness to the truth about oneself. And to date, I’ve come to know my Divine Feminine in the most beautiful and powerful ways. She is tender, wise, strong, intelligent, highly capable, compassionate, adventurous, sensual, mischievous, patient, rebellious, tenacious, curious and child-like.

She insists upon authenticity and acceptance; aspects, that were not present in her formative years, in her relationship with her father, and with men. She is not perfect, as she was lead to believe she should be. She is, however, more whole, more trusting of herself and at peace with her essence and expression.

My experiences are but a few among the bizillion shared through the voices of women around the world.  To my sisters, past and present… I celebrate your bravery, your expression, your love of self and of mankind. And to the men who support us, love us and relish in our unfoldment… I thank you!

Happy International Women’s Day!