Transformational Life Coaching

Living the life you want means becoming the person you need to be. Who you are now is not the person you are becoming. Sometimes we seek out change, and other times change finds us. Change, however, is always in the present and never in the future.

It doesn’t matter how we see ourselves today. We can learn and practice new ways in becoming the person we want to be. If your goal is to have more money, than you have to become the person with more money. If you want to have better relationships, then you have to become the love you seek. A good life coach can help you along your path.

We go through a process of discovering your goals, and your assets and liabilities. We identify the aspects that add and detract from your life. We uncover the underlying beliefs that hold you back and we map out a plan and steps to get you to your goal. I help you to find your way, to find your path in life, regardless of your age. I don’t do the work for you.

My style of coaching is intuitive and based on real life experience and not simply text book theory. I’m not a therapist and I cannot fix you. I’m practical, creative, open, spiritual, transparent, honest, integral and compassionate with a vast amount of life experience and a successful track record in helping people to find their way. Sometimes the goal is work/life balance and other times, it’s deepening one’s spirituality or relationships, career change, mid-life change, feeling stuck, empowerment, confidence, lifestyle or wellbeing. I believe that YOU, like me, ARE ENOUGH, right here and now, to really live the life you want, regardless of where you are on your path or in life.

Clients who hire me have already taken responsibility for their change with identified goals; don’t know what they want but are committed to doing what it takes; already self-aware and wanting to go deeper; just starting inner work; committed, open-minded; looking to develop their intuition; started the process of changing self-sabotaging patterns to life affirming habits; professionals who feel stuck or at a roadblock, or perhaps seeking work/life balance.

Doubt, anxiety, change, procrastination, depression and fear can be debilitating.
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