Workshops / Consultations

Wise Woman Series

One-day intensive workshops: Is this for me?
If you’ve been meditating and/or working in the healing arts for a while; if you consider yourself spiritual, open-minded, self-disciplined and consciously aware; if you have participated in personal, spiritual and intuitive development classes in the past; you’re looking to go the next level within your being; you’re asking yourself ‘Now, what?’; This one-day intensive workshop may be for you. If you’re still unsure, best to have a chat ahead of time:

One-day intense workshop: $159.00

Ten-week development classes: Is this for me?
If you’re stressed; if you’re looking to connect with yourself, your partner and/or kids on a deeper level; if happiness is elusive; if you’ve meditated and nothing happens; if you’ve read self-help and inspirational books; you want to learn more about who you really are; you’re open-minded and want to learn something new; you want to steal away once a week for some ‘you’ time; you want to better understand how your vibrational reality creates the world you perceive; If you’re still unsure, best to have a chat ahead of time:

Eight-week development classes: $38/evening

One-on-one sessions are available over the phone, in person and via Skype: