I’ve worked as a transformational coach and intuitive since the late 1980’s.  As a deep listener, I have guided and held sacred space for many while they move through transitional periods towards new creative expression. I’ve worked with artists, entrepreneurs, executives and everyday folks just like you and I.

I am also an artist, a human being, writer, practitioner,  mother, friend, neighbour, consultant, explorer and speaker/storyteller. My appreciation and natural curiosity of life and of others has lead me towards wonderful life experiences and adventures, and very real everyday bumps and scrapes, struggles, pains, disappointments, losses, confusion, realizations, transitions, new beginnings, joys, etc…

I am a lifelong learner not a perfectionist. I come from a place of deep reverence, compassion and appreciation for the nuances of our imperfections; they are like little golden nuggets waiting to be discovered and savoured.

I hold certification in Life Coaching, Transformational Psychology, Shadow Integration and Constellations, Reiki Master, Psychotropic Plants, Art Therapy and Aromatherapy with particular interest in vibrational healing using medicinal mushroom and flower essences, along with the guided use of CBD and psilocybin mushrooms for healing. I studied Lomi Lomi and Huna on the island of Kauai, practiced rebirthing, Holotropic Breathwork, crystals and shamanic ways. I am a membership with the International Alliance of Holistic Therapists and The Association for the Study of Women and Mythology.

While in Arizona, I was invited to sit with Hopi Eldest Elder, Chief Little Dan (UN speaker),  whereby he shared the Hopi Prophecy with me in his home on the Third Mesa. In Canada, on Manitoulin Island, I was called to do a vision quest on Dreamer’s Rock and invited by Lillian McGregor, a prominent and revered Elder and Medicine Woman, to participate in a community sweat lodge with the WhiteFish River First Nation Band. I was also a traditional drum keeper and received my first eagle feather in 1994.

From 2010-2016, I hosted the midday and syndicated evening shows on Canada’s first commercial blues radio, DAWG-FM in Ottawa. In the Greater Toronto Area, I provided the upbeat backdrop for a great drive home weekdays on Hits-FM. After leaving radio, I immersed myself, once again, in my own deep transformational process, and … and here I am!

I have post secondary education in Communications with a background that also includes TV production, voice work, modelling, recruitment and change management, media, marketing, publishing and social services. I’ve also worked as an independent contractor in the service industry, private sector, unionized environments, three levels of government and not-for-profits organizations.

I currently reside in Ottawa, Canada and travel internationally. If you’d like to connect, please send me a message via Let’s Talk.