I said I’d keep you posted on the happenings in the manifestation of ‘the man of my dreams.’ Well, here’s the update….

On August 18th, 2012, exactly 1 month to the date of the burning ceremony of my desires, I met someone!

Amidst a crowd of blues music fans at an outdoor venue at Calabogie, Ontario, I met David.

He was sitting at a picnic table one over from me in the VIP section. Co-workers and I were enjoying the live music, and sharing stories about our upbringing, when this male voice from the next table announces that he was from Toronto. And having lived in Toronto for 20 years, I immediately sprung up from my seat and said with untamed exuberance, “I want to talk to you!” And that’s exactly what I did.

He was my contemporary, a parent, a bass player and songwriter, a photographer, divorcee and worked in radio media. So, the sharing of my single-parenting, and my background in advertising, TV and film production, radio, singing, modelling, coaching and consulting, came easily… plus, he was hawt, interesting and intelligent! We flowed easily and well into the evening, the next day, and into the days that followed… and we’re still flowing!

Now, all you naysayers, keep in mind that when I posted the original exercise, I wanted to maintain the integrity of the process because there are a number of people who read my blog and FB profile; and I intentionally withheld my full list of ‘wants’  from public view. I didn’t want the process skewed or ‘the’ man, or any man for that matter, to manipulate circumstances or deceive. I wanted ‘the man of my dreams’ (if one existed), to come to me in a good way. For me, the process had to be clean and natural… from intention to circumstances, to individual paths, to unfoldment, to mutual desire and willingness, to compatibility, blending, communication, and equality …. for me, there had to be an element of good ol’ fashion magic!

It wasn’t until a week later and talking with a friend about meeting David that I was reminded of my ‘man of my dreams’ list.  I scrambled to find the list to do the comparisons. And with all honesty, David fit the bill in all 7-double sided pages, with the exception of a couple … he didn’t live 1 hour from me and he didn’t own a motorcycle. And me? I had not achieved the financial and career success I had wanted before meeting that special someone. However, I had asked for “this or something/someone better.” And apparently, the universe felt this particular time and place, and David was something/someone better.

When I think back to the 18th of August, and how I almost talked myself out of going to Calabogie Bluesfest, I can only say that the universe already had the plan in motion, and my task was merely to go with the flow.

This process and unfoldment … is a book! More to come…