Your thoughts don’t control your DNA. Your DNA controls your thoughts. It’s the other way around. We are on the cusp of truly exploring human potential. That’s why the inner work is sooooo very important now, more than ever… to tap into that undiscovered DNA potential.

Science should never be about conclusions. If we had different scientific approaches and processes, we would have different results. Science is limiting in so many ways and truly doesn’t reflect reality, especially in a quantum field. It’s fascinating how people would rather read about foregone conclusions than step into their sovereignty and potential. Manifestation is more organic, powerful, encompassing and inclusive than that. That’s why our natural biology is such a threat to deep state and such a treat for us. Unless people want to really tap into their potential, they will continue to be enslaved by preconceived false conclusions from false authorities and false narratives. They will continue to dream of being free or think of themselves as being free and sovereign than actually be free and sovereign by embodying their power and creativity.It still all comes down to change and self-responsibility, self-love, self-discovery with actual steps to shift the inner reality, rather than wishing or hoping for the best, or waiting for a system or government to wake up to make your life circumstances better.

The power is within you and each of us!

Go ahead tap in!