With all the changes I’ve been going through lately, it brings about a little bit of chaos and confusion.

I found myself revisiting an old trauma related to a former employer who dismissed me due to my medical choice. Not that there was any legal leg to stand on regarding the enforcement of its policy, but never the less, I was being called to revisit the wound as I was being asked to participate in a pre- conference meeting for an employment insurance appeal.

As I spoke with a dear friend, wonderful and wise reminders, which had also passed my lips previously, were now passing her lips to me.

As my situational anxiety mounted by just thinking of the conference call, which was in 2 days, my heart began to palpitate, my mind became scattered and filled with worry and my alarms were going off all over my body. I was falling apart emotionally and began to sob deeply. I was triggered from the thought of the previous trauma inflicted by my former employer, which took me into a full blown fight or flight mode.

When the federal government announced that all employees would be required to undergo a medical treatment as a condition of employment without providing sufficient information for employees to make an informed consent, I felt violated and betrayed with the threat of this over-reaching political agenda and narrative. I immediately went into shock and disbelief and thought that it wouldn’t apply to me because I was working from home. Was the fear real? Not in my apartment it wasn’t. But the over-reach in claiming power of attorney over my health and wellbeing and my home workspace was. I had not signed an employment contract abdicating or relinquishing my power of attorney of my care and well-being. I don’t recall being a ward of the state. I am not a corporation. I am a natural, living breathing woman of sound mind, body and spirit. Publicly threatening an employee with employment eligibility and status and then dismissing them for not acquiescing to unproven, experimental medical treatments, is a violation of the worse kind. It’s a betrayal of the employer/employee relationship.

So, as a friend gently talked me through my paralyzing emotional moment before this pre-conference call, I (a seasoned coach), began to hear the same words that had come out of my mouth many times before. “What is in your best interests?”

My dear friend, Alisa, was brilliant. What a beautiful focal point and reminder I was being given… and applicable in any situation or exploration of movements forward. What is in my best interests? Who is in my best interests? What is in service to my best interests and who is in service of my best interests. My best interests are my needs. Period.

So there are times, especially in new situations or in the midst of change when we haven’t identified or not able to specifically identify our need(s). I’ve learned that it’s okay. Speaking the intention to the beautiful multiverse of the Life-Source Creator is enough to be heard. We don’t need to know everything. In fact, it is our ignorance with brings us together. Ignorance as in what we don’t know… and there is a lot in the cosmos that we don’t know.

What I needed in that moment and many moments that followed, was to remind myself that it was and is in my best interests to receive. I had done the work over so many years and it was now time for me to receive. I was learning to receive. I was learning reciprocity… and Alisa was my in-the-moment catalyst on what was in my best interests. I had to adjust my focus, of course but the Life-Source Creator was already sending my best interests my way. I needed to let them flow and receive them, rather than jamming them up with worry and F.E.A.R. – False Evidence Appearing Real.

So, if you encounter fears tricking you into believing they are real, remember to breathe and breathe deeply into the belly. Look at your immediate surroundings and ask yourself whether you are in actual physical danger. If you are, then for sure, get out. But most often, one is not. Start by asking yourself, ask your higher self, what is in your best interests? Is this person in your best interests? Is this opportunity in your best interests? Is this blog in your best interests?

Your higher self will guide you as you begin to re-learn how to trust, and how, who and what to rely upon. We are all learning this anew. Let me know how it goes. And remember, I am ready as your coach should it be in your best interests. <3

With much love and blessings,