Typically, I am up at the crack of dawn. I love early mornings and the songs of the birds that let me know everything is ok. I find it so soothing regardless as to what time they start to sing.

This morning I slept in until 7:30. I woke from a dream with Ryan Reynolds where we were committed in raising 4 girls.

We were committed to be together for 20years only. It was a real heartfelt commitment to the relationship and to the girls. It was not a system or society-imposed contract, rule or law. It was simply 2 people who made a commitment. The commitment, however, was to raise the 4 girls.

I remember the feeling while hugging him tightly that I vowed to love him whole heatedly for that 20 year period without reservations or looking back, and not giving a thought as to how or when it would end.

He too made the same commitment, not to entertain anything else but love and devotion, to me and the girls.

The 4 girls were close in age, between 10 and 16. They were not our children, which didn’t seem to matter. They had not been given to us by an agency. We seem to simply inherit them from somewhere. But we all fit together. It was quite beautiful. I remember seeing the inside of our house. It was slender and smallish. Nothing elaborate or excessive. The kitchen was close to the front door and I could see the living room from the kitchen. It was L-shaped.

There were many shoes scattered all over the vestibule which had a wooden front door and 2 vertical glass panes on each side.

Our front door was mainly open and there was no worry of intrusion. There was creative chaos but Ryan was on it all the time and flowing with it. It didn’t stress him out. He always knew what to do.

A male darkish-grey figure who was our neighbour from across the street had walked into our home straight to the living room and croutched down next to the couch, holding onto the armrest with his back to me while I was in the kitchen. He started vaping. I said, “Dude, you can’t do that here. Get out!” He said that he had seem me do it so he thought it was ok. I said it wasn’t and to get out. Now, I don’t remember in the dream when I had vaped. I don’t vaped even in my waking life. So, I’m not sure where that came from. But he easily left as he had entered.

The next scene cut to Ryan driving a car up to a traffic light. There was one car ahead of us. I was in the passenger side and the girls were chatting and busy in the back. When the light turned green, Ryan drove between the traffic light pole and a building, which had plenty of room for a car. He thought it was another traffic lane, and I could see how he thought it was. It was as if he lacked a bit of real life experience from being an actor. When he realized it wasn’t, he swerved left into the intersection to rejoin the lane of traffic.

Now, he wasn’t all that fluid in fathering. But everything he did was spot on for the girls and for me. I remember loving him so much. And he too didn’t want to look back. I remember asking him whether he regretted leaving acting and the life he had. There were moments he said. But really not. He had found contentment, inspiration and purpose.

And then I woke up.

I must say that I’ve seen some of Ryan’s movies but I haven’t ever gone gaga over him. I’m not sure what this dream meant. I know it had nothing to do with him personally. It was more of my subconscious talking, something that had been laid dormant or hidden. I started to look up some of the symbolism in dream dictionaries but then I let it go. I realized I didn’t need to unravel the meaning of the dream. The meaning would present itself all in do time and in its own way without having to define it or assign meaning to it. ~Patricia