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Human Design – Projectors

For me, 'waiting' has nothing to do with time. Similar to 'patience', which has nothing to do with time... for me. The 'waiting' or 'patience' is a crucible, a vessel of potential, where I do not assume there is a problem. No problem, no fixing. Rather than the egoic mind's limited thinking, old ways of [...]

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Aloof? Unapproachable? Nahhhhhh… I mentor for those looking for something real.

I was in conversation with someone yesterday. They mentioned that at times I appear aloof or unattainable. They weren't sure whether they should or shouldn't approach me. I replied, "But here you are! You did indeed approached me and we are now having an interaction. Why is that?" She replied, "Because I felt you had [...]

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Therapy, Coaching, Mentoring: Which should I choose?

Some people have this perception that coaching/mentoring is just a fluff thing and predominantly a service used to make others 'feel good'. That's the training, marketing and brainwashing used over recent years that has led to 25 year-olds thinking they are equipped to handle another's inner process when they themselves have not yet discovered their [...]

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Our Natural New Year!

A number of years ago I came across Human Design and then Gene Keys. These are great systems in understanding who and what you are as a human being. There are limitations. However, each is so refreshing and unique in comparison to mainstream narratives and norms. In those initial years, I immersed myself into the [...]

By |January 3rd, 2024|The Edge|Comments Off on Our Natural New Year!

Well, here we are on January 8th 2023. After the last 3 years, I don't feel older. I feel younger and wiser. How about you? Younger? Older? Wiser? More confused? Less confused? Better focused? The new year always starts after January 21st for me. The end of December is my birthday and January 1 never [...]

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Just Who Is Seducing Who?

Life may be unlimited and our souls may be eternal, but we each have our own pattern (not habits), our own reason for being here. And embracing that, rather than trying to build enough personal velocity to escape it, is what we’re were here to do. Some of us have become masters of being stuck. [...]

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All Victims Are Entitled

No one wants to be a victim or thinks of themselves as a victim. I certainly don’t. But there it is over and over again in all its subtle little ways. It’s a theme in our society and its playing out in a big way. We love to root for the underdog. We love it because [...]

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You must be sustained by what you learn.

My imagination plays so many games with me. Literally! It’s one slippery slope after another. What is odd is that most of the time I am a calm wise cucumber. I have wise transmissions flowing from my pores. But then, anything that has been obscured but weighing on my mind, such as, worries, insecurities, doubts, [...]

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Is Eating Vegan Even Authentic?

Recently, an acquaintance who is a declared vegan posted a picture of a bag of Vegan chocolates that he purchased at Costco. The ingredients were short of organic or even comprehensible. Now, to give you a little back history, this group we belong to is a small online group of people (less than 10) who [...]

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Dreaming of Ryan Reynolds?

Typically, I am up at the crack of dawn. I love early mornings and the songs of the birds that let me know everything is ok. I find it so soothing regardless as to what time they start to sing. This morning I slept in until 7:30. I woke from a dream with Ryan Reynolds [...]

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