No one wants to be a victim or thinks of themselves as a victim. I certainly don’t. But there it is over and over again in all its subtle little ways. It’s a theme in our society and its playing out in a big way.

We love to root for the underdog. We love it because behind the hidden victim is the victor, the hero. And who doesn’t love a good hero story, especially our own. Everybody loves being the hero. But the victim deep within the bowels of the shadow can wreck havoc if not properly understood.

I’ve always maintained that just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.  It’s more like, you don’t want to see it… but it’s still there. Denial doesn’t make it go away.

We may not like experiencing our victim archetype because it is the part that feels powerless. It’s such an uncomfortable feeling. We don’t typically remember or tell the story of how powerless, helpless and passive we felt, even ashamed, because of the sense of failure and inadequacy that accompany it. But those feelings, if understood and sorted properly are powerful igniters- sparks that bring about the actions, the thinking and the words to change our circumstances. We don’t give the victim archetype the credit it deserves. Nope. We’d rather skip over that beautiful part of ourselves and tell the story of how we conquered and overcame; the hero’s story.

A hero needs a villain; a saviour needs a disciple; a god needs a follower; a victim needs a persecutor; a master needs a slave; a rescuer needs a victim… and it goes on and on. We call it drama but they are the archetypes in myth that play out in our human consciousness.

I’m writing about this because this is about loving yourself deeper and better. When you understand yourself better, you really are able to love yourself more. So, don’t even go there with beating yourself up. The victim has real clout and fortitude with the power to change your life and circumstances. It’s about understanding where you feel entitled. Where we feel entitled is where we find our victim in the shadow that fuels our desire for attention, justice, fairness, compensation, even revenge. Expectations and obligations create victims.Victims need to feel innocent and blameless to maintain their victim status. The victim in the shadow will always blame someone or something else.

Part of our fascination with this archetype and our cultural attachment to it on the negative end is the cultivation of and desire for attention. But more importantly, if you can succeed in choosing a better path, it is about transformation and personal empowerment that comes from the victim becoming the victor.

Many people want to get to the next level in spirituality. They want to bypass all this glorious exploring of the human consciousness in their body, and just skip to the 5th level density. Ascension for me is the transformation of 3D not the escaping of it. It’s not about skipping out. It’s about transforming it and shifting this reality to make heaven on earth. And it’s brutal at times. The choices and decisions I’ve had to make. I feel squeezed but I stay with it. It’s not about escaping to space ships. It’s about really awakening our DNA to embrace another level of consciousness, the eternal consciousness of Creator-Source of Life rather than simply the human consciousness, which has been with us for eons in all forms and beliefs and myths.

So, don’t be so quick to skip over your beautiful parts. Maybe you just need a little tweaking to get you on your way.  ~ Patricia xo