Life may be unlimited and our souls may be eternal, but we each have our own pattern (not habits), our own reason for being here. And embracing that, rather than trying to build enough personal velocity to escape it, is what we’re were here to do.

Some of us have become masters of being stuck. First it was fear and then it because excuses and now it’s become a habit and a reality. But clever masters know how to create the illusion of grandeur which impresses an accomplishment of change… but never really changing themselves.

Change takes action. But rather than effectively examining and untangling their ‘stuckness’ for fear of loss, exposure, lack or the collapse of false images, realities and beliefs, they will try to seduce and entangle others into their ‘stuckness’ making it look so appealing, like freedom itself.

It’s a seductive drama of subtle entanglement, which entices the willing victim within us, our willing accomplice, through an offer to join in its ‘stuckness’ by way of friendship or imposed offers of assistance, to mask its own self-betrayal, self-abandonment, loneliness, complacency, ineptness, hopelessness, hidden despair and cynicism, and apathy; essentially, its self-imposed imprisonment. It’s such an exquisite interplay that it allows us to forget about reality in order to be lost in another. Because the reality another has must be better than the one we possess. We too want to be lost in order to be found. How can we explore something new if we are holding onto the old?

Escapism rather than reality and manipulation as charm draw you into its trappings and prison where misery craves company.  

This, often times, is the archetype of the Seducer and possibly the Addict at play. The Seducer is the seduced (disguised as the Addict) and is also seductive. It is like a great con showing us our greatest vulnerabilities and how we are seduced by our own trappings; how we ourselves are the seducer and where our own willing victim is at play.  

It will even exaggerate its knowings, wisdom, image, power and experience to carry on with the illusion of mastery and accomplishment to disguise its truth and reality. It needs above all your attention, an audience to feed the illusion.

The devil outside of us is the devil within us. Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t. It’s about becoming consciously aware void of judgement rather than letting sleeping dogs lie. These are not those times. We are in times of great change, creation and manifestation.

Tell me… Am I seducing you and you are being the willing victim? Or am I speaking to your inner-seducer while I am the willing victim? Which part of us is actually asleep and which part is truly awake? And can we ever truly know?

Stand-down your inner military, your inner arsenal, inner warrior, inner defender, inner protector, so as to tentatively explore a NEW mission. Tap into your best qualities and values and your own best Self. At times, it may mean a death of a false sense of self, the lower aspects of our ego (yes, there are good aspects to your ego), which we have used to define who we thought we were or thought we should be, rather than enhancing who we truly are. This can be tricky, especially for men who are accustomed to having their identity entangled with status, property, possessions, titles, income, the Rescuer archetype, the Hero etc…

Try graciously opening trapped energy from past trauma that has been building up or used in defensive posturing ways, shielding, guarding, etc…

An ego death, although temporary, is uncomfortable. I’ve been through a number of them with my inner patriarch. But the long term costs of denial and avoidance of what we don’t want to know are far greater than a transitional period of discomfort and exploration.

The ego death does not have to be a drawn out process of suffering and despair. It can be revelatory. Although at times very private, it can be assisted with a little help from a facilitator/coach without the avoidance of the necessary lessons.

Release the grip on the need for approval of others from your existing tribe. Create subtle changes from the depth of your own bones, and your own soul. When you do, you walk your own path and find your true people, and you’ll avoid pitfalls from going in the wrong direction with the wrong people.

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