I was in conversation with someone yesterday. They mentioned that at times I appear aloof or unattainable. They weren’t sure whether they should or shouldn’t approach me.

I replied, “But here you are! You did indeed approached me and we are now having an interaction. Why is that?”

She replied, “Because I felt you had value and a lot to offer based on the comments in our group. I thought to myself, ‘This is someone I really want to work with.’ I felt a connection. So I wanted to explore what would be involved in working with you.”

My energy is indeed defined but it doesn’t mean I’m a snob, or unapproachable or full of myself or a know-it-all. I’m very self-aware and I’ve done a lot of inner work, and it comes across in my aura. Can that be intimidating? Sure! I am a woman who knows herself, her worth and value. I don’t separate who I am from what I do, or what and how I walk. I’m unconventional and resourceful in my approach and perception of the world and others.

I have no need or desire to be an emotional bleeder, a people pleaser or a rescuer. In fact, my fulfillment is in the opposite direction while still being of service.

I don’t fix, save or rescue anyone. It’s a toxic approach to relationships that many people disguise as ‘coaching’, and even ‘leadership.’ Who can display the most virtuosity at being an emotional bleeder? Utter nonsense.

People like to put their own slant on these terms because its easier than doing the inner work. Regurgitating the same old-same old seems to be a thing. Many don’t realize or understand how they perpetuate toxic relationships and environments until they become bitter and resentful, or burned out from giving all the time in unhealthy ways as the ‘fixer, the saviour or martyr.’ I got off the cross a long time ago because I needed the wood.

So, if you want to work with me in exploring who you really are, establishing healthy boundaries and a new way of being while still holding compassion and healthy empathy, send me a private message or check out my website.

Life is about having fun and being fulfilled in whatever that may be. Life is not about suffering and sacrifice.

So, if you’re ready to receive and do the work, ready for the change, ready to learn and apply, and grow and release, and expand then let’s chat! Otherwise, we are not a frequency match… and that’s just fine, as well.