For me, ‘waiting’ has nothing to do with time. Similar to ‘patience’, which has nothing to do with time… for me.

The ‘waiting’ or ‘patience’ is a crucible, a vessel of potential, where I do not assume there is a problem. No problem, no fixing. Rather than the egoic mind’s limited thinking, old ways of thinking (identifying a problem and fixing it), I return to my heart where there is no problem to fix. It simply is.

If you allow the natural process to take its course, the problem the mind created and perceived resolves itself. The deeper the conditioning, of course, the ‘longer’ (perception of time) the natural process takes. So, what is waiting?

In my experience, we are being invited all the time. The recognition and correctness is up to us. If you are not being recognized correctly, then you are not projecting correctly. That is what you are learning… How to project correctly. And how you want to be ‘seen’ may have more to do with your conditioning than your mechanics. Again, you need to explore or experiment.

Many new people to hashtag#humandesign discover they are hashtag#projectors and then ‘wait’ (in the old way of thinking) for the invitation, thinking that is what they are ‘supposed to do’ because at the end of the ‘waiting’ they are going to GET something. Then when they lack the ability to recognize a correct invitation (which could be an invitation that is draining so you can learn about boundaries and correct your projection), they think there is something wrong… a problem to fix that they need a reading or advice.

They don’t understand what it means to be a projector. They haven’t gone deep enough into their design or their mechanics to understand that what they are receiving is what they are projecting.

And if you don’t like what you are receiving (aka projecting), then own it and learn from it. You are the projector, literally and figuratively. What you think you are projecting, what you want to project and what you are actually projecting may not be the same, let along coherent.

PS: Those unfamiliar with human design, a projector is a type, along with generator, manifestor, reflector and manifestor-generator. Charts, reading and coaching available. Specializing in emotional projector journeys.