A number of years ago I came across Human Design and then Gene Keys. These are great systems in understanding who and what you are as a human being. There are limitations. However, each is so refreshing and unique in comparison to mainstream narratives and norms.

In those initial years, I immersed myself into the Human Design system in order to gain clarity as to who I was, my purpose and a deeper understanding of my inner mechanics. I wanted to answer the question: “Who the fuck am I?” I discovered I was an emotional projector; the mechanics of which made complete sense as to how I had operated all my life. Now, I had an opportunity to get to know ME better.

I remember reading during my immersion into Human Design that the actual ‘new year’ began on January 21/22 depending on where you are in the world. My inner light bulb went off as the ‘new year’ never felt like January 1st but mid January. The organic impulse of the new year always felt ‘forced’ on January 1st but felt organic and natural in its cycle mid January. Here I thought I was this huge odd-ball for sensing this and because my actual birthday is in December. And here I found a part of myself in the other.

Neither Human Design nor Gene Keys provide complete answers to my inner process of awakening. But they sure brought great contemplation and comfort that I wasn’t as messed up as I had been told.

So, below is an outline of the pathway towards the Rave or Human Design new year for 2024. Enjoy! Let me know how you get on. If you’re interested in a chart and interpretation, leave me a comment.

This year (2024) it will happen on January 22 at 15:18 UCT+2 time.

The period from December 31 to January 22 in Human Design is a period for retrospection, time to contemplate on what we have been through the last year, time to complete the cycle correctly. It comes in 4 stages.

Stage 1 – Did I find meaning?

December 31 /1:19 p.m./ to January 6 /01:46 a.m./

The Sun passes through the 38 Gate – Gate of the Fighter, setting the theme for the search for meaning. This is a period of contemplating of what was the meaning for me of the experiences that happened to me in the year 2023. Have I been able to preserve myself and my views? Was the energy I put into my personal development worthwhile? Was I fighting the right battles? Am I following my purpose? Where did I succeed and where did I fail?

Stage 2 – Who is in my life?

January 6th /01:46 a.m./ to January 11th /2:11 p.m./

The Sun passes through the Gate of Ambition – 54 Gate; and sets the themes of ambition and transformation. How have I transformed for a year in a material and spiritual aspect? Who have I had a transformational impact on? Who are the right allies for me? Who are the people who are important to me and for the achievement of my goals?

Stage 3 – What did I learn about myself?

January 11th /2:11 p.m./ to January 17th /02:40 a.m./

The Sun passes through the Gate, which deals with the search for the Inner Truth – 61 Gate of Mystery. This is a time to look back and see if in the pursuit of my goals I was aligned with my inner truth? Have I trusted my knowledge? Or have I been led astray by the inspiration of others? Do I know what inspires me and can I stick with it? Do I know myself?

Stage 4 – Am I ready to let go of the old?

January 17th /02:40 a.m./ to January 22nd /3:18 p.m./

The sun passes through the last of the Gates of the annual cycle – the Gate of Organization – 60 Gate of Acceptance. This is the time when it’s good to look back at what’s gotten in the way of us in the past year and how we’ve managed to overcome it. Are there limitations that we cannot overcome but simply have to accept? By accepting the restrictions, will we be better prepared for the new period? What old do we want to keep and what do we want to let go? Make room for new goals and achievements by letting go of the old and people, emotions, experiences, patterns, habits, etc. that are no longer in alignment with us.

(Copied and translated from a post of a Bulgarian Human Design Analyst, Cveti Bocheva)