Well, here we are on January 8th 2023. After the last 3 years, I don’t feel older. I feel younger and wiser. How about you? Younger? Older? Wiser? More confused? Less confused? Better focused?

The new year always starts after January 21st for me. The end of December is my birthday and January 1 never feels like the first day of the new year. I usually spend the first 3 weeks of January reviewing my lessons learned, the values and principles I want to carry forward, and also what energetic relationships and new soul contracts I want to invite into my life moving forward; and which ones I want to drop. Typically, the ones I want to drop (or rather need to drop), glide organically right on by with my blessings and appreciation for the short time spent together. At this point in my life, it’s a natural progression rather than an intentional tossing out. So, I’ve learned to trust the process without regrets. It’s taught me to live the moments with each person that enters my life with deep appreciation and to express that appreciation without sounding overly clingy. I found that we don’t say it enough to each other. So, I make it a point of expressing words of kindness, authentic recognition and appreciation. No stings attached! It makes me feel good. I like the authentic feeling inside of me.

I’ve become a go-giver rather than a go-getter. It took me a while to get there, though. I had to first focus completely on myself and my relationship with Source, knowing that when I re-emerged, I had clear healthy awareness, from every angle, of what I would need (and not need) to maintain a high frequency void of the trappings of competing narratives and lower frequencies. It’s easy to get dragged down by the motion of change; pulled one way and then the other, as varying agendas try to loop the masses into hypnotic energetic looping with their narratives. Always best to stay open and focused on the benefits of the changes you are creating in your life rather than the change others believe they can enact onto you.

I haven’t written in a while as I have taken a sabbatical from social media. Frankly, I got bored with the drama, the bullshit and everyone trying to prove another wrong and they were right. So, rather than be dragged down with the silliness, I became more joyful, creative and playful because of it. It wasn’t until my birthday that I realized I hadn’t signed into one of my social media platforms in several months…. I had actually forgotten all about it!!!!

I come back now in full creative self-expression, which means having passed through the process of change and integration, with eyes wide open! How do we recognize what we don’t know? What does it look like when we don’t know how to recognize it?. How do we put ego aside to recognize what we need to recognize to pivot this energetic fluctuation, this moment in human history whereby opposing views appear irreconcilable? How do we draw on the Law of Polarity to meet the transcendence, rather than living one side or the other? Each side believes they are doing what is right. We are all right and we are all wrong. Because we are learning how to recognize what we don’t know how to recognize. Who will be the first to toss in the towel? Who will be the first to apply Infinite Intelligence (not lower ego intelligence) and carve that pathway through the mess … like a hot knife to butter … and carve the Etheric blueprint of New Earth mutating the old paradigm that is drifting away rapidly? Can you see my hand up??? Actually, I have 2 hands up!! 😀

Stand and face the dragon and allow Source to flow through you. Follow the intuitive leads you receive from Source and the Etheric Councils that work with you and for you. This is a Grand Design to awaken Souls from their sleep. Once you are awake, allow the river to keep you flowing. Flow the new Source Codes and watch the beauty and new life being carved from the debris and the old. Don’t watch the old 3D reality crumble. Well, I suppose you could. I simply prefer to create. Playing 70s music from San Francisco helps. There’s a frequency of joy and hope that is unique to the 70s that helps my energetic resonance stay high and stable for longer periods. It’s okay to have real joy amongst the chaos. It’s okay to be optimistic and kind and joyful during these times. Besides, you’re setting the foundation for generations to come. <3

Here’s a link to my favorite 70s station on the internet: player.internet-radio.com/?server=http://s6.voscast.com:10922

With much love,