: For-the-being-sovereign.

I am a living breathing woman of sound mind, body and spirit. I am not a corporation. I possess and retain full powers of attorney. I am the sole beneficiary, bank-banker of the fictitious legal name that was created for me by government systems shortly after my birth.

I remember reading these words out loud and thinking that they had to be the most powerful statements I have ever made to date; a declaration of sorts. I felt I was coming out of the closet, not in a sexual-sense, but coming out from the shadows and invisibility; a wanting in the multi-verse in knowing I would no longer be invisible or hide amongst shadows and a phantom matrix.

I was ready for the freedom responsibility, of the guiding, nurturing and supporting of not only myself but those to whom would be calling with their desire to proclaim themselves sovereign; to keep sacred my integrity, discernment, my intuition, my coherence, freedom, my health, wealth and purpose, my atmosphere and those closest to me, my power to create, all my relationships, especially with the elemental spirits and the Creator-Source of Life.

I felt the inner work I had was most likely required to accomplish to get me to this point had been complete. Karma was no longer felt like an issue. Illness and dis-ease were no longer invited or welcomed. I was prepared to receive abundance, freedom, health and wealth, loving support to build physical security for years to come. I am understanding the inner mechanics of the quantum field and having fun with it. I was feeling ready to step into the responsibility of caring and creating for myself and leading on a geometric-level playing field those for the wanting.

Sovereign is personal and subjective. It can have different meanings depending on the person. Most imagine or romanticize about sovereignty and freedom. Freedom can mean doing whatever you want when you want. It can mean debt-free. It can mean many aspects. Freedom done correctly, however, comes with tremendous responsibility. You are still subject to the ‘legal’ system in the event you run a red light while driving your car. And you are also bound to natural law.

Sovereignty, for me, however, isn’t simply a piece of paper. Nor is one’s sovereignty up for grabs, for harvesting, debate, criticism or correction. As sovereign, hopefully, you’ve done enough inner work that your discernment is impeccable and discriminating, while your compassion is wealthy and fruitful.

For some, sovereignty may very well be a piece of paper. But the limitations, the prison are usually in the trappings of the mind from conditioning and outer imposed belief constructs.

But that’s the beauty of sovereignty. You get to define it and create it for yourself, but never for another. Sovereignty cannot exist within hierarchy. 

Sovereignty for me is not a piece of paper. It’s an inner coherence that I work at daily. The paper is merely an extension of this self-contract and actualization. I am a living breathing woman of sound mind, body and spirit. I possess full powers of attorney – and I mean that and align it everyday. Not only that, I am finding others who are also committed to a new and peaceful stream of consciousness and existence, and collaborative co-creations. We are living in times whereby our access to quantum fields of manifestation is as never before.

Some people have soul-contracted to acquiesce to the outer world’s reality of submission. Others will engage in a battle against it and others have already begun to create from a 5D and higher resonance. Some are gathering to form parallel societies. Some are forming intentional societies. Regardless of the fake-news narrative, free energy sources are being built, food security projects are being implemented, etc… men and women are collaborating and building healthy foundations in community. There is no food shortage unless you’re still within the trappings of the old 3D matrix of control and dominance. We are in a time of food independence, not shortage. We are in a golden age of abundance.

I hope you spend time contemplating, examining and discerning what is and is not sovereignty to you rather than assuming or appropriating someone else’s definition or meaning of sovereignty. The process allows you to own yourself wholeheartedly rather than allowing another to own you or parts of you. People love the idea of freedom but very few have defined it or want the responsibility that goes along with it.

If you would like some assistance, I provide facilitation services for these types of exercises.


: Patricia-ella: Lever