Friday Evenings 8pm ET

Starting February 4th, 2022



This guided experiential meditation series is intended to support, regenerate, nourish and strengthen your inner process of manifestation. We are aligning with the timelines we had intended and have been long awaiting.  We are coming together in community of unity, potentiality and as like-minded conscious souls.

These themed meditations on Friday evenings will be gentle, subtle and yet powerful in shifting levels of consciousness. You will become more aware of your inner dimensions and process.  

You will be supported as a novice or experienced practitioner as you explore, discern, embrace, embody and manifest into your life the fullest creative potential of who you are.

Please email me FIRST at reach(dot)wisewomanseries(at)gmail(dot)com with your interest.

All conscious souls are welcome, no exceptions and no-discrimination. Please spread the word and share with your social media networks family and friends. No prior experience is required.

Each Friday evening you will sample and experience exercises and meditations; Grounding and breathing techniques, inner tools to create space, meeting your Light Family, The Wardrobe (past and future selves), ET’s, unlocking the realm of imagination, emotion-facing, no-mind Source, The Great Hall, time-space reality, intentions and focused being, affirmations, creating/creator, and more.

These are energy building steps to support the development of personal and spiritual expansion workshops on our journey towards a better world.

 As a seasoned coach/facilitator I awaken the inner healer, the inner sage, the inner magician within, so that individuals can manifest into their fullest potential and fulfillment, regardless of age, experience or circumstances.