If you decide or have already decided to get the alleged vaccine and are willing to participate in this human experiment without full disclosure, it is certainly your prerogative. I have chosen not to be inoculated with this alleged vaccine, and more recently, I have chosen not to receive vaccinations in the near. In 2018, I was planning for a trip to India, I received all related vaccinations, except for yellow fever. Since March of this year, I have been working with a traditional Chinese medicine practitioner and acupuncturist to re-stabilize my body, in addition to my healthy diet, QiGong, meditation and other self-care habits.

But since the onset of this so-called pandemic and its censorship, the information in circulation, especially from mainstream media, institutions and governments around the world, simply didn’t make sense to me. The information created a lot of doubt, confusion and fears but not a lot of leadership with its narrative. I was very thankful for the clarity of direction and information I had access to that allowed me to stay away from the hysteria. But now, there are hostile and coercive attempts by governments and institutions in forcing its citizens to take injections with complete disregard to their rights, all under the guise of public health and safety.

The trials for this alleged vaccine and human experiment don’t end until 2023, which means that any claim by a public figure that the vaccines are approved is false and misleading. The alleged vaccines are not fully licensed and are still considered experimental. They may appear to be approved for use but its a play on words. As alleged vaccines are considered experimental, you have the right to refuse and to wait until you can provide a fully informed consent. But if you are willing to participate in the experiment, once again, that is your prerogative. If you are being coerced that’s a whole other matter.

When emergency and health acts, mandates and policies are fabricated and imposed upon its citizens without scientific evidence, we should stop and seriously question and examine the intent.

Governments in Canada, USA, Ukraine, Brazil, Netherlands, New Zealand, Australia, England, Ireland, etc… have not been able to provide scientific evidence that the virus exists. Even the CDC has admitted that it has no quantified isolates available.

A virus must be isolated, purified, sequenced and characterized from a diseased patient’s body in order for its existence to be proven. The scientific method is the gold standard of Koch or River’s postulates, which have not been used to justify this supposed pandemic: virus SARS-CoV-2, or SARS-CoV-19 as it’s now being called. Laboratory, PCR, computer simulations or sampling from genomic database sequences are not scientific evidence of the existence of the virus.  

When over 40 institutions worldwide, including the CDC, cannot provide scientific evidence that the virus exists, and are unable to provide material evidence to justify emergency and health acts and mandates, policies, etc… it becomes a matter of intent. Hence, the Nuremberg Trials 2.0, which began on July 4th , 2021, for crimes against humanity.  

Recently, Patrick King of Red Deer, Alberta, set precedence by challenging his provincial government in court to produce material evidence that SARS-CoV-2 or SARS-CoV-19 had been scientifically and 100% isolated, and purified in order to justify and support their emergency health acts. The health minister for the province conceded that it did not have such evidence. All mandatory quarantines, mask wearing, testing, contact tracing, etc… will be lifted as of August 16, 2021. My sources tell me that the health minister for British Columbia will soon be served.

If any institution, government or employer intends or requires you to be injected with this alleged unlicensed vaccine, ask then for the material evidence that indicates that the SARS-CoV-2 or SARS-CoV-19 has been 100% isolated, purified, sequenced and characterized from a diseased patient’s body using the Koch or River’s postulates to prove that the virus exists and to justify their acts, mandates, policies, requirements or intent.

Ask them to provide scientific evidence that you are sick before being proven healthy.

Ask them to provide scientific evidence that an experimental, unlicensed and alleged vaccine is more potent than your own natural immune system or that alternative treatments aren’t more effective for a virus that was not proven to exist.

Ask them for the material evidence that supports the use of the term pandemic without the scientific evidence that the virus existed.

Sure, its a coronavirus. Coronaviruses have been around for a long time. We have coronavirus season every Fall and winter. And sure, there was a flu last year, and many people died. But many people die yearly from the flu. It’s not right or wrong. It just is.

The lack of efficacy in prevention and contagion in these alleged vaccines has already been documented and the studies keep rolling out. Whatever this treatment is, it is not vaccine by the mere definition of the term.

All governments in Canada are service corporations, similar to hospitals, police and fire services. They are in place to serve us and not the other way around.

If you feel intimidated or coerced in the presence of one of these service representatives to be injected, with respect, you simply ask whether they see you and your body as their property.

If they do, ask them to provide the obligation, the contract, with your wet signature that gives them jurisdiction to administrate your body, your property. (If you didn’t provide a contract previously, they don’t have one!)

If they don’t see you as property and continue to insist, ask them who within their service corporation has jurisdiction to administrate your property without your consent. (There is no person!)

If they mention that it is in the interest of public health and safety. You can ask them to provide the scientific evidence mentioned above and that you reserve the right to make a fully informed decision and consent. Keep in mind that many people trust and believe that governments and institutions have their best interests at heart. We need to be and remain vigilant and discerning while holding compassion for others as we move forward. We are the authority in our lives!!!

There is a lot of love here for you. You’ve got this! You have all the courage you need to face your challenges and fears in the name of love. Be respectful! And if you need assistance, please reach out.