This ‘walking-dead’, sleepwalking theme came onto my radar last week, so clearly. I participated in a Jungian workshop from Johannesburg, on the New Moon of July 9th, I started a 28-day cycle of mushroom essences for “zombiism” and Kim Gould ( posted an anti-zombie revolution blog. I don’t believe in coincidences. 

When people say ‘wake up!’, they are calling for people to wake up from their sleeping state, the robotic conditioning, the enchantment from all the false promises, your unconscious state, your willful denial that everything is and will be ok, your self-induced  bubble, etc.. 

I’ve never been one for horror movies, but zombiism in the shadow can symbolize a fear of annihilation, fear of being consumed, fear of uncertainty, disgust, fear of defeat, fear of being controlled,  fear of loss, fear of time or running out of it, self-defeating prophecies, fear of inevitability, fatalism, survivalism, etc…

When you think of zombies, what feelings come up for you? If you don’t know, watch a zombie movie and be aware of the feelings that arise in you. Movies are a safe way for those unconscious desires and fears to bubble up.

When the ‘feardemic’ broke, there were an unprecedented number of people who watched the movie, ‘Contagion’ on Netflix.

What fears do zombies trigger in you? What are you disgusted with? What do you like? Why do you fear zombies? Or, what is it that fascinates you about zombies? What do you fear within yourself? Most times, what you fear is what fascinates you?

Fears operate in the subconscious whether we are aware of them or not. Often times, they bubble to the surface only to be pushed back down.  And yet, for many, pandora’s box has been opened wider than ever and we have yet the tools for the process. Our brains weren’t wired for the unprecedented rate of change that is being placed on us. We have to slow ourselves right down and get back to basics. Then and only then can we integrate at a rate that is healthy for the individual for us to see and trust, again, in our truth and in others.

Most people oppress their fears because we haven’t been taught how to be friends with them and to create a space for them in our psyche. We actually don’t know what to do with them when they are triggered. We either freeze, fight or flee. We don’t see them as treasure but as a threat. We reject them, dismiss them, squash them, judge them as nonsense, try to conquer them to feel superior or god-like. But they fuel us whether we are aware of them or not. I can see this theme of zombiism more and more in the collective and in the individual. I can also see hope and new life and new innovations to a better world.

I have been using mushroom essences since 2016. They are not a magic potion or a panacea. However, if you have healthy self-esteem you can explore some of these underlying themes and motives in your shadow and integrate them into your psyche and being in order to become more whole.

The examination of the shadow allows its hold on our lives to soften. The integration of the shadow allows for a new and better interpretation of the meaning of wholeness, whereby new life, new energy, new creativity and a new you is born.

Please private message if you are interested. I ask for your patience as my website is being worked on to incorporate the mushroom essences and my services as a facilitator.