The quantum field of reality is YOU and ME within the unified field of consciousness.

Thank you for the sublime image

It really came to the forefront of my awareness about 2 weeks ago, when during a meditation, I entered a different realm, one of creativity. I had known it as my imagination.

Nobody is really talking about this realm but it is the realm where we have been captured and conditioned at a very young age. Through movies and TV shows to online gaming, imagination, is a realm through which entrance can be gained to enhance or manipulate the conscious and the unconscious and ultimately the conscience -our actions, choices and behaviour in the outer world. Some are fine relinquishing their sovereignty to another idea of what life is or isn’t, what we should and shouldn’t want. But for many around the world, they are holding to the power of human innovation and ingenuity. The human potential to be sovereign, free and be the creator/creatrix that we’re all innately born to be… the value of our human potential.

During this meditation, I could see that I was in my apartment. There was a robotic dog that was making its way up the hallway stairs to the top floor where I lived. It felt like this was not the first time. It was a meek sort of robotic dog, thin in stature and about 2 ft high. It is at my apartment door, knocking from the hallway, and waiting to provide me with an injection. However, the energy in my apartment was, ‘stillness’, sending a frequency that ‘no one was home’ to the machine. I could see it was confused and uncertain. But eventually, it started to walk back down the stairs, turned towards my door one last time, and then kept going towards the outside of the building. I could see it outside on the sidewalk looking up as if wondering if it had missed something.. or someone. As it moved away, the energetics within myself began to expand and encompass the whole little apartment building. It expanded from me to the outside of the building to the front almost at the sidewalk. Then all around the outside and also out the back onto my back deck. It was a clear, iridescent membrane made of material that was transparent, thick and rubbery but impenetrable. I created it from deep within me. This membrane was able to deflect the robots sensors and confuse it. It was quite interesting.

I was then shown another day when the robo-dog attempted to enter my apartment by way of my back deck, which was connected to an outdoor fire escape stairwell. It was a slightly more aggressive robo-dog that was attempting to penetrate. Then, more came and they started to pile one on top of the other in an attempt to find the top or entrance to the membrane. But they could not, and soon scoured away. I checked my inside apartment door and stairwell. At the bottom of the stairs, laying on the floor, I could see a dismantled robo-dog lying on the floor at the bottom of the stairs. It felt as if this level was complete and I had been successful. It felt like that level or potential was no longer a possibility. The level of conscious and detail in my frequency that was needed had been accomplished and applied successfully. It was durable and long lasting.

We are living in very interesting times. Rest assured that psychedelics are not part of my meditations. I find as each day passes that we are dealing with an array of perceptions, and perceptions create reality.

Perception is not our imagination. However, imagination is a component that forms our perception, where we ‘create’ the sort of lenses ‘perceptions’ to view reality for the experience or lessons.

The imagination is more than simply a storehouse of dreams and desires. It is actually a portal to another level or dimension of existence for which we can draw and create the world we know to already be here. We will feel fearful when we are cornered, when we feel we are running out of options or resources. Think back to the cartoons, Disney movies, other movies and TV shows that ‘captured’ your imagination growing up. See if perhaps you are seeing life through some of those lenses, which were built for you, by the way. They molded your perception of reality and how life should be.

When someone boxes us into a corner with say, one narrative, threatens our job, bank accounts, health, family and our way of life, it is forcing us to reach and expand, to open up to new resources, new levels of creativity. It forces us to get focused very quickly, concisely and succinctly, on what is important. Instead of lollygagging, we get organized, prepared and ready. Our senses are sharpened and heightened. It’s uncomfortable and disruptive but it is helping us to wake up and step into our stewardship and mastery. I accessed something new… the portal to my imagination at 59 years of age.

A few days following this meditation, I would check-in to see whether the robo-dog was still dismantled on the hallway floor of my apartment building, and it most certainly was. So, that was a nice confirmation. (In the past, when I attempted to create using my imagination, the images wouldn’t stick. Now, they are sticking!!!)

Following, I could hear foot steps coming up the stairs, footsteps of heavy, well-armed human guards. They knocked on my door but I would not open. I reiterated there was no trespassing and stated I was with Police On Guard. I could hear them whispering to each other. They were believing that I would open the door, but I did not. My energy shifted to a softer female frequency, appealing to their masculinity and diminished their aggression. I could see this energy move through my apartment door and disrupt their mental focus. As they turned around to walk away saying they’ll check back another time, I could see that they were being wrapped in a bubble of that wonderful membrane and were transported somewhere with no harm to them. They were simply drifted upwards and towards the West, some place far, far away.

So, now I am quite curious and in wonder of this plane of existence, which I am accessing. Not that I want to summon anything particularly outlandish. I do, however, want to neutralize excessive and unnecessary suffering and forces of tyranny, which are coming from the collective shadow. I want to balance and safeguard the values and principles of this New Earth, which are already here for us. I want the feeling of compassion to enter every human being so profoundly that it brings them to a complete standstill; a place within them that says, ‘No more.’

Be with your imagination in your next meditation. I know for me, I had a lot of clearing out to do. There were many lies and mistruths and traumas. I had to go to great depths to find my magical little child who had been forgotten and left in the dark.

By the way, I shared this meditation with 3 or 4 very mature women, who saw nothing wrong with it. In fact, they said that it made perfect sense; the next realm of consciousness, of course!! And here I thought I was going nuts!!! xo

Very interesting times we are living… very interesting, indeed!

Warm wishes, Patricia