Funny how uneducated people post videos of abuse towards animals as a justification to be vegan…. Like the act of violence isn’t enough on its own, you now have to be vegan to protest against the violence. So instead of stopping the violence, you start doing it to yourself by not feeding your body what it needs. Fad diets don’t last, I don’t care how spiritual you think you’re being.

And of course the ones who are the least conscious purport being the most awakened… because they’re following the celebrities, don’t you know!!! There are some wonderful, conscious local farmers, I know personally, who do not treat their animals with any cruelty. They love them and give them the freedom to roam in fields and eat grass and be outdoors, and give them kisses.

No argument that abuse, or cruelty or violence is a disturbing part of our human nature. But to say that cruelty to animals in mass production is the same as local farmers is absurd. Women have been oppressed and brutalized for 100s of years. Does that mean I should eat vegan? I should be a lesbian or a nun? (Now, wouldn’t the convent love me!!!) To eat vegan is a choice. However, there are people out there abusing their bodies because of the social pressure to eat vegan. It’s no longer a diet, it’s a sub-culture. Some people also have metabolisms whereby they have to eat meat~ doctor’s orders.

What we have disconnected from are the rituals and the sacredness of the animal giving up its flesh for our survival. We have forgotten to honour the sacredness of its sacrifice. But we don’t need to be vegan. We certainly need to eat local and seasonal but we don’t need to eat vegan… unless you choose.

If you want to eat the bark off a tree or cockroaches or goats, I don’t care. Knock yourself out! It’s your choice, and I may very well join you for a meal because I am a flexitarian. But choosing to eat vegan doesn’t make you morally superior or more conscious, and you won’t be able to avoid your fear of retribution or death. You’re not vegan. You’re just playing it safe, covering all your basis, by bypassing the work you need to be doing on yourself to connect to something way deeper and more meaningful than a celebrity trend.