The House Whose Future is Free – A Private Members only Association

You’ve found me if…

  • You know how to use the off button on legacy media TV and radio.
  • You’re wanting to find your way back to who you truly are.
  • You can feel that you have a whole other level inside you and you want to tap into it.
  • You’re ready to ditch the bullshit and the drama.
  • You want more of your synchronicity and authentic energy guiding you out in the world.
  • You’re wanting to explore the unknown aspects of who you are to awaken your creative potential to experience, a more whole, loving, and fuller version of who you are now. 
  • You’re ready to learn and to shed that old skin, that old life, that old persona (but maybe not those great pair of jeans that are fitting you perfectly!).
  • You want to join in fellowship and stewardship with a like-hearted community of caring and awakened men and women, to be part of a ministration and support of a higher consciousness through soul purpose, inalienable freedoms, self-determination, self-responsibility, beauty, healing, unlimited abundance, joy and celebration, through heart-centered awakening of your Master Consciousness.

The House Whose Future Is Free (HWFF) is a Private Members only Association (PMA) for community fellowship in the PRIVATE domain in service to the highest well-being of its members, Life affirming, Life restoring and Life preserving in alignment with the principles of Universal-Natural Laws.

Options available as a member of the HWFF:  

  • Freedom of assembly 
  • Networking and membership directory
  • Exchange of services, knowledge, wisdom, facts, resources, goods and products
  • Well-being, healing and empowerment
  • One-on-one mentoring and facilitation, and group mediation 
  • The exploration of archetypes, how they play out in our daily lives and the cultivation of their ‘golden nuggets’ and teachings they bring
  • Educational workshops and programs
  • Articles, podcasts, books, art, discussions
  • Opportunities to participate with other like-hearted, beneficial and supportive PMAs
  • The study of private and public domains, natural law, quantum language, freedom and sovereignty, and heartfelt integrative higher purpose living that cracks open the old mold creating a golden path out of the Maya or Matrix of Illusion for yourself and your family and extended families.

We would not be a good fit if…

  • You’re still blaming your parents, your spouse, governments, etc… with chronic complaining.
  • You’re more in love with drama and lies than the truth and facts.
  • You’re wanting others to do your work for you.
  • You’re needing a scapegoat, a distraction, a divergence.
  • You’re still believing in the mainstream narrative. 
  • You’re just wanting to try this out. 
  • You’re not prepared or willing to take full responsibility for yourself.
  • You’re not willing and able to remit the heartfelt value exchange in a timely manner. 

We would BE a GREAT fit if…

  • You have or are ready and interested in taking full responsibility for your freedom, choices and decisions, and can look at yourself and others with compassion and mercy.
  • You’ve already done a lot of inner work, recognizing that it’s a living choice, daily application and personal commitment.
  • You’re willing to listen, apply and be guided by correctness that is tailored to you for your unique design and energetic soul template.
  • You’re willing to be patient with yourself and your process and to accept the best possible change in the best possible way for the best possible outcome, even if that change is unknown to you or you don’t fully comprehend it. 
  • You’re open-minded and willing to explore unknown aspects of yourself including archetypes and your shadow. 
  • You are really excited in becoming a member of this wonderful PRIVATE member association called, the House Whose Future is Free. 

And most importantly, the inherent bliss and freedom of sharing as meaningful men and women within a like-hearted community that fosters and nurtures the spirit of growth and support, quality of living, well-being and shared conscious values through membership in the PRIVATE domain and in alignment with Natural Law. Being a member of this PMA does not restrict you from being a member of other PMAs. 

If you’d like to join me and my ‘extended spiritual/soul’ family in holding a sacred fellowship of higher truth and freedom in a Private Members Association (PMA), simply email patricia(at)

I’ll want to know a little bit about you and why you want to join. This may include a phone, Zoom or Skype chat if writing isn’t your forte. If it’s a good fit for both of us, you’ll be sent a private members association agreement to sign and return. The agreement outlines the principles, terms and conditions. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me.

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