Transformational Life Coaching

I suppose I could write all kinds of nifty words and industry catch phrases to lure you to my practice. But that’s not who I am when it comes to inner work. You are either ready for a new you, or you are not. You are either ready to embrace the whole of you or you are not. “There is no try only do.” There is no judgement in where you are, except the judgement you hold from comparing yourself to what you have been conditioned to believe. If you’re looking for the ‘how’, the work and your unique inner process is the ‘how’, not someone else’s. Nobody can fix you, change you, save you or rescue you, but YOU! I offer you safe space, my intuitive wisdom, deep listening, professional training, my own personal growth and shadow work so that you can explore your this new you that wants to emerge… the unlimited value and potential within you. If you are drawn to working with me, I’m deeply honoured.

If you are willing to:
– Make changes but not sure how.
– Be courageous and start where you are right now, as you are.
– Show up for yourself regardless as to how imperfect or messed up you feel.
– Examine from a loving perspective what is already known.
– Explore what is unknown within you.
– Receive and apply the guidance being offered.
– Participate and trust in your process.
– Take full responsibility for yourself.

Sessions are confidential, conversational and informal. They are 50-60mins in length and can be provided face-to-face via Skype or in-person, or over the phone (in Canada). Sessions are offered weekly or bi-weekly. Although everyone is different, it is suggested that you plan for a 6-session commitment in order to sustain the long term benefits of working together. You will be giving birth to something new. A new way of being with yourself and the world. Self-compassion and patience are key.

30 min Consult: $90 USD
60 min Session: $120 USD
90 min Session: $210 USD

Custom Packages: Available upon request
(Payments are in advance via e-transfer or Paypal. Rates may be subject to change and applicable taxes). Always ask!