Transformational Life Coaching

About ME
I am known as a ‘Change Doula.’ I help people give birth to new aspects of themselves and new beginnings that are gestating within. It’s a personal path and uniquely individual. I assist with the facilitation of new life and new creative expression yearning to be explored (and perhaps not yet known). I support your inner process from where you are now to where you want to be; feeling ‘stuck’ (gestation) to transition (water breaking) to un-foldment (giving birth). I offer emotional, spiritual and mental support and guidance in safe space, before and during your process. A naming ceremony is offered at the end, if desired.

About YOU
– Ready to make the change.
– Willing to start where you are right now, as you are.
– Willing to show up regardless as to how imperfect you feel.
– Willing to examine from a loving perspective what is already known.
– Willing to explore what is unknown within you.
– Open to receive and apply the guidance being offered.
– Willing to participate and trust in your process.
– Committed, both personally and financially, to participate in weekly or bi-weekly sessions for an extended period of time.
– Ongoing journaling and continued self-care.
– Possess a curiosity that comes from taking full responsibility for yourself.

Sessions are confidential, conversational and informal. They are 50-60mins in length and can be provided face-to-face via Skype or in-person, or over the phone (in Canada). Sessions are offered weekly or bi-weekly. It is suggested that you plan for a 9-month commitment in order to sustain the long term benefits of your work during your cycle. Remember, you are giving birth to something new. Good things take time.
Initial Consultation Rate: $125 USD
Single Session Rate: $250 USD
Four Session Package: $900 USD
Six Session Package: $1260 USD
Monthly Rate: $1750 USD (includes 5 single sessions and in-between session emails)
(Payments are in advance. Rates may be subject to change and applicable taxes, please ask)