Transformation for a New Consciousness – Professionals and Entrepreneurs

When we change from the inside-out it allows us to engineer and stabilize who we are becoming, without interfering in the motion of becoming. Simultaneously, we refine and strengthen how we see and define the potential of our human expression, regardless of our career or profession. Essentially, we create a solid core, liberating us from needing to control the world and those around us.

We learn how to shape and mold OUR perception of life, through time, space and dimensions previously untapped. What is it to be a human being in a new realm of consciousness? Do we still retain our views, values, ethics and principles? Or are they redefined? How we carve a niche for our uniqueness and individual human expression in a new consciousness, when we have yet to acquire and master the exploration of those inner pathways.

My type of coaching is unique. I’ve been described as a ‘hot knife in solid butter.’ I cut through the bullshit you tell yourself that keeps you on a perpetual hamster wheel. I can only do this if you are ready for the change. Otherwise, you can keep coming for sessions, but eventually, I’ll send you on your way.

If you’re feeling like something is bubbling just below the surface, a few sessions with me may be what you’re looking for. People visit me for specific reasons, even when they can’t put their finger on it.

I don’t do counseling. But there are moments in the process where I hold you in sacred space to allow you to move through a memory, trauma, past life, core wound, that is needing to be felt and wanting to be released. Everyone is different and everyone’s inner process and design is different. I work skillfully and intuitively. We only go where you want to go.

You may have some aspects of your life figured out. But if you’re like most people, you haven’t figured out LIFE; your LIFE FORCE. What it is. How it works.

Maybe your thoughts are scattered, displaced and easily distracted, attributing to feelings of doubt, confusion, fear, insecurity and even low self-worth. You don’t need to despair. You are not alone. Sincere support, context and a little structure work wonders.

Whether you realize it or not, ancestral and collective traumas are major influences in the world right now. It’s not just about you. It may feel that way. You may feel alone in what you are feeling, but everyone’s inner process is awakening. This inner process can feel foreign and unknown, especially when you’ve been living deeply entrenched in the mundane, day-to-day living of working, paying bills, struggling and merely surviving. And so, our tendency is to shut it back down, back to its dormant state in order to continue to survive.

I offer you my own clarity from years of inner work and application, my intuition, wisdom and 30 years of experience as a coach and facilitator. My approach is practical and simple. I offer you one-on-one direction with exercises that are tailored to you, which you can apply after each session. I can guide and provide context while allowing space for your individual and unique process to unfold. You get the best of both world’s of coaching.

If you are willing to:
– Listen and learn.
– Be lovingly kind and compassionate with yourself.
– Be courageous and start where you are right now, as you are.
– Show up for yourself regardless as to how imperfect or messed up you think you are.
– Examine from a loving perspective what is already working.
– Explore what is unknown within you.
– Take the guidance and direction being offered and apply it.
– Attend regular weekly sessions.
– Be committed to your process and growth.
– Stick to the plan and allow your process to unfold.
– Take full responsibility for yourself.

This is about embodiment and living your best life rather than the novelty of trying something new. This is work and requires a level of commitment and maturity. A new way of being and interacting with yourself and the world awaits you by learning new skills, being patient and compassionate with yourself.

About Mushroom Essences:
One of the wonderful resources I offer are mushroom essences. Clients use 1-3 of the 48 essences during a 28-day moon cycle to help lift or gently unpack the energetic issues or blocks in the unconscious, which frees up more creativity and flow in their lives. Some of the themes that can be explored are: fear, anxiety, anger, self-criticism, self-fulfilling prophecies, authority figures, etc..
Collective and ancestral trauma is currently coming to the surface to be healed. It can feel confusing and irritating, leading to depression, anxiety and fear. So, any issues or themes you may be going through may not necessarily be all about you. Be open to the multidimensional being that you are and the expansiveness of unconditional love which is your natural state and birthright.

The essences are Mother Earth’s vibrational healing tools, which you can use on your own. Lots of flexibility and space in how you approach what you want to do.