Transformational Coaching and Mentoring

I suppose I could write all kinds of nifty words and industry catch phrases to lure you to my practice. But that’s not who I am when it comes to inner work. You are either ready for a new you, or you are not. You are either ready to embrace the whole of you or you are not. “There is no try only do.” There is no judgement in where you are, except the judgement you hold from comparing yourself to what you have been conditioned to believe. If you’re looking for the ‘how’, the work and your unique inner process is the ‘how’, not someone else’s. Nobody can fix you, change you, save you or rescue you, but YOU! I offer you safe space and a heart-centered approach to constellations, intuitive wisdom, deep listening, professional training, my own personal growth and shadow/trauma integration work so that you can explore this new you that wants to emerge, the unlimited value and potential of who you are.

If you are willing to:
– Make changes but not sure how.
– Be courageous and start where you are right now, as you are.
– Show up for yourself regardless as to how imperfect or messed up life appears to be.
– Examine from a loving perspective what is already known.
– Explore what is unknown within you.
– Receive and apply the guidance being offered.
– Participate and trust in your process.
– Take full responsibility for yourself.

Sessions are confidential, conversational and informal. They are typically 50 to 90mins in length and can be provided face-to-face via Skype, Zoom, Messenger or over the phone (in Canada). Sessions are offered weekly or bi-weekly if you are seeking a 6-session start up program.

Although everyone is different, it is suggested that you plan for a 6-9 session commitment in order to sustain the long term benefits of working together. This is about embodiment not about trying something new. You’re giving birth to something new within you. Honour it as such! A new way of being with yourself and the world. Time, self-compassion, self-forgiveness and patience are key.

I offer non-discriminatory services. Your body, your choice. I am not here to judge you but rather to support you in your process of unfolding and embodiment. I offer over 30 years of experience, exercises, practices and guidance, which you either take or not. I also hold sacred space to help you sort through what you are needing at this time. It sounds simple. But to unpack it, to get to your clarity, your authentic and true self, may take a number of sessions. Some have the clarity in one or two sessions.

Please reach out at I’ve had to make some adjustments to my social media and contact information. I help to empower older women and younger women to establish their sovereignty, balance and stability in their lives.

Mushroom Essences:
One of the tools I offer is mushroom essences. Clients use 1-3 of the 48 essences during a 28-day moon cycle to help lift or gently unpack the energetic issues or blocks in the unconscious, which frees up more creativity and flow in their lives. Some of the themes that can be explored are: fear, anxiety, anger, self-criticism, authority figures, etc.. Collective and ancestral trauma is currently coming to the surface to be healed. It can feel confusing and irritating, leading to depression, anxiety and fear. So, any issues or themes you may be going through may not necessarily be all about you. Be open to the multidimensional being that you are. You still remain sovereign!

Most of my clients are already self-aware and inter-dependent. So, the essences are a vibrational healing tool, which they can use on their own and then contact me when they need help shifting. If you’re interested, send me an email at

30 mins talking: $65 (For those who are using 1 or more of the 48 mushroom essences over a 28-day moon cycle who need support with their shadow work)

60 min talking: $120

90 min talking: $180

Custom Packages: Available upon request
(Payments are in advance via e-transfer or Paypal. Rates may be subject to change and applicable taxes). Always ask!