The House Whose Future is Free – A Private Members only Association

You’re in the right place if…

  • You’re tired of the lies and corruption behind the mainstream narratives and media.
  • You may also be observing these narratives and agendas in what used to be alternative media and platforms.
  • You are here to deeply rooted in your soul, its purpose, your unique power and to grow on all levels.
  • You are curious and want to explore the aspects of yourself that are unknown to go forth with purpose that is aligned with your Sacred contract.
  • You want to join with a like-minded community of caring and meaningful men and women to be part of a fellowship and a movement in the ministration and support of a higher quality of life, self-determination, beauty and healing, which you know are inalienable and Creator/Source-given or God-given.
  • You love the Divine Source of Life and are a caring, gentle steward towards all of Life.

The House Whose Future Is Free (HWFF) is a Private Members only Association (PMA) for community fellowship in the PRIVATE domain in service to the well-being of its members and Life affirming, Life restoring and Life preserving in alignment with the principles of the Creator’s Natural Law.

Options available as a member of the HWFF:  

  • Freedom of assembly
  • Networking and membership directory
  • Exchange of services, knowledge, information, facts, resources, goods and products
  • Well-being and Empowerment
  • Healing of the Divine Feminine/Sacred Masculine
  • One-on-one coaching
  • Workshops and programs
  • Articles, podcasts, books 
  • Opportunity to participate with other like-minded and supportive PMAs
  • The study of private and public domains

And most importantly, the inherent joy and freedom of sharing as meaningful men and women within a like-minded community that fosters a spirit of growth and support, well-being and shared values through the membership in the PRIVATE domain and in alignment with Natural Law.

If you’d like to join me and my spiritual/soul family in holding a sacred fellowship of truth and freedom in a Private Members Association (PMA), simply email

I’ll want to know a little bit about you and why you want to join. This may include a phone, Zoom or Skype chat if writing isn’t your forte. If it’s a good fit for both of us, you’ll be sent a private members association agreement to sign and return. The agreement outlines the principles, terms and conditions. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me.