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Is your F.E.A.R. simply False Evidence Appearing Real?

    • This isn’t to dismiss or make light of real world events or actual physical dangers. This is to help you discern and identify, which fears serve you and which do not.
      I’m not an expert in fears except that I’ve had first-hand experience with my own. I grew to understand how to separate between real world fears or physical-survival fears and ALL the other fears that were imagined that tried to convince me why I couldn’t.
      These F.E.A.R.(s) of False Evidence Appearing Real are not real and they sneaks up on you. They’ll convince you that it is so real that you won’t even get off the couch. You are in full-blown mental chaos. You won’t leave your home. You won’t take your mask off. You won’t go out shopping. You won’t even associate with certain people. You become paralyzed.
      When certain phobias and anxieties develop, soon you either feel paralyzed or you are mentally over-working every possible angle and scenario in order to protect yourself…. from something that appears to be real only because of your imagination (and other triggers but that’s for another time).
      Energetically, it can feel like a billowy, soft cloud that surrounds you and is protecting you, one that you don’t want to disturb. It can also feel like a ball or a blob outside of your body. Outside of the body can mean ancestral trauma. Yes, sometimes we get the prehistoric load to work through. But the good news is we can push through it. THESE ARE ONLY IN-THE-MOMENT FEARS.
      “Waiting to be asked so you can shine” is another big one. And then when someone does ask, do you worry you’ll say the wrong thing, you’ll be misunderstood, what you say won’t be good enough? Sound familiar? Well, it’s all crap! -Fear of being inadequate -Fear of not knowing enough, or not being ready enough -Fear of not having enough training, certificates, degrees, or experience…. all of these are not the norm, unless you want to live in a world of fear.
      The highest application of this energy (because fear is only energy with an attached story) is to understand deeply the nature of patterns and logic, focus your depth to master knowledge in areas of interest to you, and come up with workable solutions to collective problems in those areas. This is where you shine in your magic and creative flow of expression.
      The low expression of this energy is a classic case of being so focused on the details of the tree that you simply can’t see the forest, or even realize it exist. Once this energy finds a deep groove it loves, it becomes blind to everything else. This is when those imagined fears can sneakily compound and hold you back from emerging.
      THE GOOD NEWS: These are in-the-moment fears that feel so real they can stop you in your tracks and keep you from moving forward. But we are meant to push through these type of fears because they are not authentic survival-related fears. They quickly dissipate, often never to return again (though it may take a few times of “doing” your fear to banish it permanently).

When you shine, I shine… and I’m always shining!  

    1. I call my technique ‘Tweaking’ – Subtle energetic adjustments that align and shift your frequency placing you shortly thereafter in your heart, mind and body coherence. You feel grounded with enhanced peace of mind. The path before you becomes clear. A little like a hot knife in butter. 
      Tweaking occurs when you are ready to be aligned or activated and not before or because you want it, expect it or demand it. You’re the miracle worker. I am simply the catalyst and facilitator.