WiseWomanSeries: Part 1

Activate your Essence with the 5 Gifts of Your Spirit

I approach this part of the series with the same mindfulness and reverence as it was passed on to me. I was fortunate to be surrounded by incredibly intuitive and wise women who accelerated my “spiritual” coming of age. Women you probably haven’t heard of who, none the less, rattled my inner world with such passion and knowing that it propelled me into a lifelong deep appreciation for my human experience (highs, lows and middles), my inner process, the integration of my shadow and my self-actualization. In the 1980’s, those women were Sally Laird, Vera Marchant, Yvonne Joyce and Pat Kerr.

Sally Laird was the first person with whom I studied who really opened this door. In my mid-twenties, I was working as a personnel consultant in Toronto. Sally was middle-aged and married, and a very gifted psychic/medium who had healed herself while bedridden for 2 years due to a partial loss of her spine. During those two years she received the channeling for her future weekly classes. But more importantly, she had learned to heal herself and walked again; an ordinary housewife who did extraordinary things.

This 6-part workshop is great for beginners and for the more experienced who would like to go the next level by delving deeper into the Essence of their Being. 

Once a week, a small group of us open-minded “keeners” gathered at her home in Brampton, Ontario, and we learned about our ‘gifts.’ We had a chance to explore meditation, channeling, psychometry, tarot, crystals, hands-on-healing, automatic writing and mediumship. We even had the opportunity to hold the real crystal skull. Sally had provided a safe, experiential playground on topics that were well ahead of their time; timeless foundations from which I still use today. I have moved well beyond those early days and moved those teachings forward over the years offering development that is practical and down-to-earth with presence and tools to activate intuitive insight. And each time I teach this workshop, I like to think she is with me holding that space for others.

There are 5 Gifts of the Spirit: Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Prophecy and Healing.

Join me for these half-day fun, integrative, experiential workshop in Ottawa, where we’ll uncover what is and what is not intuition and how it feels, our hidden gifts, hands-on psychometry, a little tarot, an integrative light-body meditation and an opening circle. You’ll also need to bring some objects, which I’ll talk about more in my reply email to you. I don’t like to rush these intensives as it’s more about the quantum shifts rather than the actual doing. So there are 2 dates to choose from or attend both! There will be plenty to delight you! So, if you’re ready to “get down to business,” as they say, Let’s Talk.

  • Cost: $25/session or $135/person for the 6 sessions in advance to secure your spot. Must be 18 years of age and over. E-transfer and Paypal accepted. For more information, please reach out reach.wisewomanseries@gmail.com
  • Registration: Space is limited to the first participants who truly want to experience their inner wisdom and magic. I’ll respond within 24 hours at reach.wisewomanseries@gmail.com
  • Dates: On-going Saturday mornings
  • Time: 9:15am to 10:30am EST
  • Refund Policy: There are no refunds.

This is not therapy or counseling, nor is it a tarot workshop. This is an accelerated, experiential learning environment. So bring your inner child and your sense of wonder and adventure!  ~ Patricia.

“Her fresh perspective on life and her wisdom add so much to what she teaches. Her style allowed me to blossom and become more aware of my energy body and how it interacted and functioned in the world. She didn’t have the answers for me, but through her classes and one-on-one sessions, I was able to find my passion. She was a catalyst in my spiritual growth and in my development as a holistic therapist.”
Jason Pierre Cantin - Holistic Health Practitioner, Shiatsu Therapist and Energy Guru. Nanaimo, BC