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Medical tyranny can feel overwhelming. But once you make a decision and take a stand, the universe conspires in support of you. I have found solid people along my path who have also known in their gut that something is wrong, was wrong from the beginning. For me, something was off back in the summer [...]

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Fear doesn’t make heroes!

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: There is no reason that you know of as to why someone doesn't wear a mask or why they are inclined to take their mask off while on public transportation. And obviously, the 200,000 masks previously issued by the City of Ottawa/OCTranspo weren't enough. There is no reason our tax dollars [...]

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Our Humanity Is Our Greatest Gift!

I've noticed since the beginning of the lock down back in March 2020 that I have more cuticle skin and my skin is tougher on my hands. Not rough just thicker around my nail bed. It's doing what it was made to do. It's protecting my body. When the scare started I was using rubbing [...]

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Well my dear friend…

The "inbetween" you talk about is understandable. There is also a lot of grief surfacing, which is not being recognized as grief. These next few months will be intense. These are not times for haste. Each moment is sacred and requires our presence as we build for seven generations to come. The building blocks are [...]

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Taking Stock!

Collagen Rich Soup for Arthritis ~ Start with a homemade broth. I use locally loved and grown, organic, free range, grass-fed and finished products and seasonal vegetables. I switched to chicken feet a few years ago after I was diagnosed with final stages of osteoarthritis in my right hip. You can find collagen in animal [...]

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Treat your tummy and your skin to grass-fed/grass-finished tallow!

Over the past year, I have been curious with cost effective, nutritious local ingredients that go beyond the typical mainstream do’s and don’ts of food consumption for individuals in their 50s and beyond. I’ve always been a proponent of healthy living through balance and mindfulness and most of my research takes me away from mainstream [...]

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Can you live with uncertainty?

As quickly as it came is as quickly as it goes. But it's far from over after quarantines. What lingers will be the fear it generated and the truths of ourselves and a society that have long been hidden. What is very present, however, are the opportunities for love, compassion, forgiveness and unification for a [...]

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You’re Not Vegan, You’re a Spiritual Bypasser!

Funny how uneducated people post videos of abuse towards animals as a justification to be vegan.... Like the act of violence isn't enough on its own, you now have to be vegan to protest against the violence. So instead of stopping the violence, you start doing it to yourself by not feeding your body what [...]

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Ah, Yes! The Old Dumping and Projection

Ah, yes! The old 'dumping' and projection. I understand all too well. It's taken me much focused energy and commitment to my well-being and self-love to make healthy self-care a priority in my life. When I realized I had an opening in my energy field that allowed others to walk right in and do whatever [...]

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Do Not Fear!

Do not fear the rage within. As quickly as it comes, it will go. Allow yourself to be with it, breath into it, be at oneness with it... Talk with it, listen to it... But do not act on it. Soon you will discover that it has appeared as a reminder that you are Alive! [...]

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