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There are energy convergences occurring, which are not simply timelines. Higher frequencies are flowing into our reality from the higher realms. What does that mean? Well, for me it is exciting. I have a stable foundation that is receptive to the energies currently in motion. We have had many energies or frequencies stirred up in [...]

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What’s in your best interests?

With all the changes I've been going through lately, it brings about a little bit of chaos and confusion. I found myself revisiting an old trauma related to a former employer who dismissed me due to my medical choice. Not that there was any legal leg to stand on regarding the enforcement of its policy, [...]

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Thoughts Don’t Control Your DNA.

Your thoughts don't control your DNA. Your DNA controls your thoughts. It's the other way around. We are on the cusp of truly exploring human potential. That's why the inner work is sooooo very important now, more than ever... to tap into that undiscovered DNA potential. Science should never be about conclusions. If we had [...]

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Enlivening Our Soul – Guided Meditation Series

Friday Evenings 8pm ET Starting February 4th, 2022 Online $15/person This guided experiential meditation series is intended to support, regenerate, nourish and strengthen your inner process of manifestation. We are aligning with the timelines we had intended and have been long awaiting.  We are coming together in community of unity, potentiality and as like-minded conscious [...]

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Time to let go!

It is December 18/19, 2021, and we have a very powerful Full Moon. Full Moon's are a period of letting go of what no longer serves us. There is a lot of shadow being created in the collective consciousness right now, and I hope this inspires you to reflect on what and how you've been [...]

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The New Consciousness

The quantum field of reality is YOU and ME within the unified field of consciousness. Thank you for the sublime image It really came to the forefront of my awareness about 2 weeks ago, when during a meditation, I entered a different realm, one of creativity. I had known it as my imagination. Nobody [...]

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Embodying Your Creatrix

A practical experiential guide to the embodiment of your higher self. The format of these transmission are experiential and designed for direct knowing of who you are, to experience your sense of self beyond your conditioning and outside influence, to help liberate your awareness of fear, to re-member, re-awaken the embodiment of your higher self. [...]

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48 Agents of Change: Mushroom Essences

Mushroom essences are wonderful and gentle agents of change, especially for healers, empaths, artists and sensitive types. If you are a follower of Human Design and an emo-projector, you may like these mushroom essences as much as I have. I have been using them since 2016, when my whole life turned upside down and inside [...]

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Love Is In The Air~ There is No Virus!!!

If you decide or have already decided to get the alleged vaccine and are willing to participate in this human experiment without full disclosure, it is certainly your prerogative. I have chosen not to be inoculated with this alleged vaccine, and more recently, I have chosen not to receive vaccinations in the near. In 2018, [...]

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Zombiism post Feardemic

This 'walking-dead', sleepwalking theme came onto my radar last week, so clearly. I participated in a Jungian workshop from Johannesburg, on the New Moon of July 9th, I started a 28-day cycle of mushroom essences for "zombiism" and Kim Gould ( posted an anti-zombie revolution blog. I don't believe in coincidences.  When people say 'wake [...]

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