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Can you live with uncertainty?

As quickly as it came is as quickly as it goes. But it's far from over after quarantines. What lingers will be the fear it generated and the truths of ourselves and a society that have long been hidden. What is very present, however, are the opportunities for love, compassion, forgiveness and unification for a [...]

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You’re Not Vegan, You’re a Spiritual Bypasser!

Funny how uneducated people post videos of abuse towards animals as a justification to be vegan.... Like the act of violence isn't enough on its own, you now have to be vegan to protest against the violence. So instead of stopping the violence, you start doing it to yourself by not feeding your body what [...]

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Ah, Yes! The Old Dumping and Projection

Ah, yes! The old 'dumping' and projection. I understand all too well. It's taken me much focused energy and commitment to my well-being and self-love to make healthy self-care a priority in my life. When I realized I had an opening in my energy field that allowed others to walk right in and do whatever [...]

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Do Not Fear!

Do not fear the rage within. As quickly as it comes, it will go. Allow yourself to be with it, breath into it, be at oneness with it... Talk with it, listen to it... But do not act on it. Soon you will discover that it has appeared as a reminder that you are Alive! [...]

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Great Foodies = Great Recipes = Great Savings!

Patricia Lever 52 mins · Are you someone who looks for great recipes? I do. I live beneath my means but I like to live very well beneath those means. Finding meals that satiate my sophisticated palette and my pocket book are easier than first believed. I cook either in the slow cooker or on [...]

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Getting my feet wet… Chicken feet style!

I’m no Anthony Bourdain, but since leaving radio in August 2016, I have spent some of my spare time dancing again with my creativity and exploring alternative dishes with local, organic farmers. I've been trying new cuts of meat and  experimenting with dishes that use offal (animal organs) and other parts, like poultry feet. Tony [...]

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Most mornings…

I wake up early most mornings; early, as in 4:30am. When I’m up before the crack of dawn, my days seem so productive. It may sound romantic, and perhaps in some ways it is. But there’s an inexplicable silence, a stillness that occurs during those wee morning hours; a serenity that I love being a [...]

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Meltdown To Wholeness

I experienced an emotional meltdown recently that lasted for a day. I hadn't had one in a few years, however, I was comfortable with the process knowing that it had served me very well in the past. Feelings of discouragement, defeat, hopelessness, discouragement, frustration, sadness and doubt came to the surface, all leading to an [...]

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Life Is A Box of Chocolates

It never ceases to amaze me how people are shocked when a couple breaks-up! I just read an article that a celebrity couple is divorcing and how everyone is shocked and dismayed. Why would anyone be shocked at a couple's breakup in this day and age of awareness and change? Unless of course, the archaic [...]

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Once Upon A Time

There was a girl named Ella who was quite extraordinary. She had a gift, a brilliant Light, which went unseen by most. Her father wasn’t the kindest of fathers. However, her grandmother knew of her gift, which made Ella feel very special. Growing up, most adults wanted her to be what they wanted her to [...]

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